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  1. yea...back in may i hit my friend's yellow lab running in 3rd gear on my Rm250. I went over the bars and landed hard on my knee. Suffered dislocated knee cap and torn PCL....was out for about 3 months. The dog limped for a little bit but basically was and still is fine. She still chases me too lol
  2. Well yea, im a b rider now and i still do it. When you get in that "hit the wall" phase, which i have found is all mental...you gotta do somethin to get you pumped. I once sang the "i wanna ride" honda song on and off for at least 20miles in an enduro because it was silly and easy to remember. I dont do it often...but i do find it helps to keep me upbeat and focused in a looong enduro
  3. same here....deep into an enduro i start singing to keep my spirits up
  4. Im 6'6" 280lbs...and i ride enduro... All i can say about big riders from my own expierience is... The bigger they are the harder they fall. I dont wreck often...but when i do...somethings getting hurt
  5. www.g2ergo.com I installed the 400 cam on my Rm250 to use in slick eastern enduros and it really helps.
  6. anybody got an opinion on the e-start only? Im a woods rider, looking at the 505xc...and the e-start only has me kinda worried about getting stranded
  7. ive hit 96mph on a stock geared '06 400exc...that was as fast as it would go...going downhill
  8. shut up or im gonna jump on you like a spider monkey!!! (LIKE A SPIDER MONKEY!!!!)
  9. yeah...thats my "friend"....and thats an inside joke referring to some song lyrics...
  10. hey thats my line!!!
  11. yeah...if i was riding desert...but i ride tight eastern woods....im gettin a ktm300 next tho
  12. um yea...i pulled the arm out....and its pretty worn....i ordered a new one and it should be here before the weekend. Ill let you know. Thanks for the help everyone and my clutch wears out fast because its gotta haul me around..check out my pics...lol
  13. aight...i took the basket and hub off...everything's there and installed right. the only thing i can narrow it down to now is either the lever arm that the cable attaches to, or the push rod... is worn or something...but would that make it do what its doing?
  14. i bought a new cable...and the throwout bearing is installed correctly
  15. yeah theyre no help either...i was just wanting to see if any of you guys knew more than i did about the clutch system of the Rm250, and could tell me what could possibly be installed wrong, broken, or worn...i guess all i can do is take it all apart, and check it out..