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  1. mick426f

    1976 IT 400 runs rough

    It definitely sounds like a fuel problem. It is likely that the float bowl is emptying and not refilling with fuel, probably from a stuck float. The symptoms you described sound like the float bowl was full of fuel when you started the bike and when the bowl was nearly empty the revs would have increased (from a lean mixture) and then the bike would have stalled (from no fuel). Pull the carbi apart and give it a good clean and you should be fine.
  2. mick426f

    426 4th Gear Slips

    I have a 2001 426 and have been noticing a lot of metal fillings in my oil filter. I spoke to a mechanic today at my local motorbike shop and he said that it is common for the 426's to damage 5th gear and this is likely to be creating the metal fillings. He said when you have damaged a gear it will feel like the clutch is slipping when in that gear. If I was you I would check my oil filter for metal fillings and most probably split the case to inspect the gears. I know it's a painful or expensive job but it is best to fix the problem before it gets worse. I used to have an IT250 that had gearbox problems and I just ignored it. Eventually I lost 2nd gear completely and some teeth broke off and went through the whole gearbox and destroyed every gear. It will be a lot cheaper to fix the problem now before it becomes catastrophic.
  3. mick426f

    Dirty Oil and Spark Plug

    I have recently bought a 2001 WR426 with an unknown number of Km's on it. I did my first oil change on it last week after having done three short rides and when I took the oil filter out it was covered in metal fillings. I wasn't too concerned though and replaced the oil filter, filled the bike with a synthetic oil and put a new spark plug in. I took the bike for another short ride (50 km's) and then drained the oil again to see if I could flush the rest of the metal fillings. To my surprise the oil was black and when I took the new spark plug out it was black as well (more sooty black than oily black, but quite fouled for a brand new plug with 50 km's on it). There were a few more metal fillings in the oil filter, but a lot less than last time. The bike also now seems to blow a bit of blue smoke when it's cold. Once it warms up it seems to go away though. The bike seems to run fine and has plenty of compression when I kick it over. So I'm wondering what my problem might be? Is it likely I've broken a ring and the metal fillings are from it or the barrel? I'm curious if anyone else has had a similar problem and what might be the cause.
  4. mick426f

    Tailgate Net

    I have a Mazda Bravo Dual Cab 4WD and the only way my bike will fit in the back is with the tail gate down and the rear wheel resting on it. I am trying to find some sort of tailgate net to stop my gear falling out the back when I'm driving around. I don't want to fork out a lot of money for something like the BedXtender and would rather find something cheaper and simple like a net. My other problem is that I live in Australia. Does anyone know of any good products that are around. I happy to order something from overseas if they will ship to Australia. PS. The Mazda Bravo is equivalent to a Ford Courier or Ford Ranger.