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  1. dirtrider13

    TTR125 Tall seat photo...got one ?

    Where do you get a tall seat complete? I also would like one for my daughter's TTR125LE.
  2. dirtrider13

    Is my TTR125L running too rich??? spark plug pics

    Second and fourth picture look too lean. Should have a little more color to them. jmho though, I could be wrong.
  3. dirtrider13

    Another question on Wheelies-klx300

    The only a can will do on the KLX is lighten the load a little but does not noticeably give much of anything in the way of performance. Many write it off as a waste of money.
  4. dirtrider13

    KLX300 Suspension Question (Help)

    Phil Douglas at AfterShcks in Palo Alto, Ca. He did my KLX300 just a few months ago. Unbelievable difference. He is great with dirt bikes as well with road bikes. He has also done my FJR 1300 and is now doing my Suzuki DL650 V-Strom. He is really a stand up guy and honest.
  5. dirtrider13

    foot pegs

    i tied the search but ended up empty except through the store. the only thing is it lists nothing for the KLX300. Which after market peg fits the KLX, 05?
  6. dirtrider13

    klx300, good beginner bike?

    Beginner, intermediate, advanced. Its a good bike in all situations. Handles well, light weight and pretty bulletproof. You can always find a bike lighter, faster etc., etc., etc. But the KLX300 will start everyday and I can ride the trails and tight stuff with all the other bikes. Most of it is in the riders ability. Most riders can't ride their bikes to the top of its performance levels. jmho
  7. dirtrider13

    ttr125 susension for adult rider?

    thanks, but I really don't know if she will ride much if any, so it gets made into an adult fun bike.
  8. dirtrider13

    under powered?

    Its all relative to what you are riding. I came off an XR650R and my KLX seemed underpowered. But coming off 50 hp to whatever the 300 is is a power deficiency. Depends on what has been done to the KLX. Air breather mod, jetting, header. These things are cheap and produce the most for the money.
  9. dirtrider13

    New Pro Taper bars

    Well I finally did it and put some Pro Taper Honda CR high bends on with the universal pro taper adapters, new grips and had to modify the mile counter. Because of the bolts on the adapters and the holes didn't quite line up either so I used a ss u-bolt and mounted it center of the bars. then I covered up the mount with the pro taper pad and cover. I did a search and found a couple of ohter options for mounting. If I use another device what do I do with the cable and the hole that is left by removing the cable at the hub of the front wheel? Any other way to mount it up? Or what other device is used is used to keep track of the miles mainly just for gas reasons? Mike in Fremont, Ca.
  10. dirtrider13

    klx300 upgaded suspension

    Phil Douglas @ AfterShocks. He has done my FJR upgrade, my friends Tuono a few of my friends FJR's and will do my V-Strom DL650 later this summer. He is as good and honest person that you will ever find and a great off road racer in his time.
  11. dirtrider13

    ttr125 susension for adult rider?

    What is needed to get the suspension on my daughter's little used TTR125LE upgraded to accommodate an adult rider for a play bike? I weigh just short of 200 lbs. This bike is way too fun to let sit.
  12. Had the front springs changed to Race tech 44's and the front forks revalved. Also had the rear shock serviced and revalved. Sag set and everything now balances out and the suspension rocks. Also while I was at it I serviced the swing arm, it needed it. Well worth the effort.
  13. dirtrider13

    klx 300 running and idleing crappy

    Well it was indeed a plugged pilot jet. Sprayed the hell out of it and a little extra to be sure and it runs perfect again. So no pumper yet.
  14. dirtrider13

    Can i use a FCR 39 instead of the 35?

    Try to contact FourStroke Works. They are now fourstrokeworks.biz
  15. dirtrider13

    KLX300 carb change

    If I were to change the carb on the KLX300, which would I use and where can I get everything need to change it? Thanks Mike in Fremont, Ca.