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  1. mattready

    z400 cooling fan

    mmmm...toasty! that sucks @zz. are all the "crumbs" on the worktable from the fan? DOH! one avenue you may also try before the dealer's $300 is try some motorcycle junkyards. ebay is great, but you may have a hard time finding a decent used one. i know of a junker here in colorado.... Motorcycle Accessories 2060 Main Grand Junction, CO 81501 - 8053 (970) 242-9495 they can find you parts nationwide, and you can have it shipped to your neck of the woods. just a thought.
  2. mattready

    z400 cooling fan

    yeah i crapped my pants when i called the dealer for a new fan. thats why i wanted to eliminate EVERY other posiblity it would suckto drop 250 on a fan and not need it. sounds like your situation is narrowed down to the motor bearings. the fan motor isnt that difficult to remove/replace. looks like 3 small 10mm bolts. dont forget to disconnect wiring to it first! you would want to also replace your electrical system! DOH! once you get the fan out, there are 3 screws holding the actual motor in the cage. easy peesy
  3. mattready

    z400 cooling fan

    the grinding indicates SOMETHING not moving smoothly. i would yank out the fan and inspect the bearing area and the outside housing. hopefully it is just a stone or twig jammed in the area. check for metal shavings...AHHHH!!! i have a 04 and thats where i located my fuse. i will try to get a pic posted of the area. you really have to look hard....i found it by mistake. its not very obvoius what the hell it is. look for red wire coming off of the fan and look for the small black platic junction it goes into. it is right above the two little sensors coming out of the radiator. pull that badboy out and open it up.....i will try to get some pics tonite for you.
  4. mattready

    z400 cooling fan

    good news! your Z does have a fuse! i ran into this 40 miles deep in some tight trail rides. i was able to ride, but i had to stop and cool down when my light came on. finally getting back to the truck i started wrenching on my Z worried it was the $244 fan that went out. i was unplugging my wire looms to clean out any muck, hoping i had just a bad connector somewhere. i saw the little fuse holder! it is hidden in a little plastic connector just above the two temp sensors on the radiator. look on the right side of the radiator just below the tank/fender plastics. there is a small platic junction held by a rubber loopy thing. just slide the plastic down out of the rubber boot. click open the little thing and behold your fan fuse. Zuki even put a spare fuse in there for you. dont forget to put a new spare in there once you get back home. hope this solves your problem and saves you some $$$