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  1. With the new 2014 250R having the same chasis and frame as last years 450, does anyone know if a 2013 450 aftermarket tank will fit on the 14 250R?
  2. Hey I'm looking to do some winter riding and was was wondering the best setup for jets was. Temp will be on average at about 10. Also would like to know if anyone had problems starting the bike in the cold and how it ran. thank you.
  3. well yea they told me that same thing but we had to expand the q2s slot to make it bigger so it would fit over the mid pipe and thats all u really have to do to make the q2 work with it its very hard at all..but with the stock exsaust u have to cut the tabs off and reweld them so they match with the sub frame bracket.... and about the bogging when i crack the throttle its boggy then as it revs higher it clears all up and im not sure what the compression is but we did just rebuilt the top end
  4. hey i have a ktm250sxf with a megabomb header and a q2 silencer and its been boggy in the low end and it use to not be.. i have a 38 pilot jet and a 175 main does anyone have the same problem or has fixed it thanks.
  5. hey for some reason my ktm 250sxf has been spitting oil out of the oil hose on the bottom of the bike and im not overfilling it with oil.. I was just wondering if any one else had this problem and what you did to make it stop? Have a race 2morrow 2 hour harescrambler and i dont want to seize it cuss it ran out of oil thanks
  6. i think ur dealer has been snorting some crack because i love this bike in the woods and has plenty of power and its insanly fast i race 250 A on it and it keeps up with the 2 strokers easily
  7. do you have any idea how much the 07 will weigh??
  8. i will be ridding my 250sxf this winter and i would like to know what i should probaly jet it at i live in minnesota and the temputer is prolly on a avredge at a bout 20 degrees thanks.
  9. i have my stock gas can on and i only fill up 1ce for 2 hour hares
  10. yea i race my ktm 250sxf in 250 A for hare scramblers and enduros and the thing is perfect i raced in with the stock gearing and it easily kept up with the 250 2 strokes
  11. white red and blue do not go with OARNGE
  12. what exactly do the jetting kits do to the bike?
  13. well i only have my mega bomb right now i dont have the mid pipe so im not sure it it will fit so if u find out that it does fit the stock exsaust and the q2 i will have to order me one of them
  14. bar2barracing so there is a sleeve that u can buy from fmf that will conect the middle header to the stock exsaust and the q2?
  15. jeez how did u get ur hands on that do u know how much it would be?