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  1. Updates: I rebuilt the carb, dummied up a gas tank from a gatorade bottle and a spare petcock, and got her running. Compression test gave me a firm 125 psi. That seems DAMN good for something sitting this long, and makes me think crank seals should be just fine, no? It does suck down gas like a hog, I need to find somebody in Indianapolis to help me tune the carbs. I think it's tuned for the racetrack, not for the street. Bike by the way is a 70 Bultaco Metralla, real cafe racer with Tommaselli clipons and a serious lack of padding on the seat. It's a blast to ride though, 250 lbs and a LOT of power.
  2. I just picked up a nice Bultaco for $100, it's been sitting in a guys garage for literally 20 years. It was put away wet, so I know the Mikuni will have to be rebuilt. The gas tank has interior rust, so I'll drop in a length of chain, fill her with gas and shake like hell. It's the engine I'm unsure about, never had a two stroke before. Replace the plug and change fluids I know, but what else should I do? Clean up the points or replace them? Somebody told me to pour marvel mystery oil down into the cylinder to unstick the rings, but the bike kicks over, so do I still need to do this? How long do I let it sit for like that? Anything else I should replace before I try to get her running? I'll definitely replace chain, sprockets and tires before I ride it, but for right now I just want to get it running.