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  1. Soyrico

    Rxv Parts

    I agree with RXV_Poor. I also ordered some Bling from these guys to and they delivered in a timely fashion. http://www.apriliaoffroad.com/index.php?f=data_spares_$_accessories&a=1
  2. Soyrico

    My RXV 450

    Oh man your going to love the RXV. you may consider getting the G2 throttle cam for it. It made a big difference for me in tight trails. I used the 400 cam. Also as you may or may not know, but please make sure read up on the oil maintenance for this bike. As for the skid plate, the bike has nice clearance from the ground to the plate. I got some scratches on the plate but not enough to really do some damage "yet". Over all I think its strong.
  3. Soyrico

    08 Aprilias really more reliable than 07?

    I could be mistaking but as for the engine case I believe it's the same as the 07. I think I read on the AF1 forum that they changed the piston design and used different case sealant. There were other improvement as well such as the stater and starter updates. I got my RXV 450 back in September of 07 and have just over 1200 miles and still going.
  4. Soyrico

    2008 Aprilia RXV scoop

    Kool...When I get back from Baja I will try the 14 tooth CS. I would like to know how the Rekluse clutch works out for you. Sounds like you like riding the tight trails and had the same problem of stalling like I did. PM me in AF1 with an update man. I'm still suffering from a wrist fracture a year and a half later. Slowly getting better so I understand your pain bro!
  5. Soyrico

    2008 Aprilia RXV scoop

    I've had some starting problems at first with my new RXV450, which I just got three weeks ago, but changing the parks plugs fixed that issue. However, I disagree with "great in the tight". Comparing the 2002 CRF450 and the 2007 RXV450 in tight trails The RXV450 is very hard to throttle manage in first and second gear. With in minutes my riding buddies just leave me in the dust no where to be seen. That was the opposite when I had my CRF450. Nevertheless, I just added a new G2 Throttle with a milder throttle cam which I hear should solve the stock touchy throttle. I'll report back once I take my RXV back on the trials.
  6. Soyrico

    supermoto vs dualsport suspension

    newbie here... Im thinking about buying an 07 TE510 if I can find one.Actually this will be my first Husky so im trying to get all the info before i buy one. My question is what motard setup did you use such as wheels, tires ext? About how much and what parts or gearing did you need have to change with the new setup? Also, if I can't get a 07, will the motard setup you used fit a 06 TE510?
  7. Soyrico

    air fuel screw ?

    I just got the the Pro Circuit Fuel Screw for my 02 CRF450R and noticed it was slightly smaller then the stock screw (one full turn smaller then stock, in other words if you screw the Pro Circuit screw a full 360 degrees in the carb it will be in the same position as the stock one.) Has anyone noticed this size difference before or did i get he wrong part for my bike. Part number FMSD4250
  8. Soyrico

    Shawn Mc's Fork Seal Replacement Procedure

    Do you use 200 cc of the 412 cc for the inner chamber? This would leave 212 for the outer. Sorry but I just want to make sure before I put everything back togeather. Thank you Rico