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  1. whats the deal with that? I can go to Nevada or Arizona buy the r, baja kit it and then re-register it in ca?
  2. I am not sure about the new laws regarding st legal conversions. whats the skinny on getting plates for a new xr in CA?
  3. Thanks for all the replies. The Dakar looks real tight, but too much $$. And I wont be commuting everyday so maybe I can deal with battling the wind or better yet ... back roads!
  4. I am thinking about getting my first dual sport. love the Idea of ripping on the twisties and some fire roads. However, I want to be able to commute to school which is about 40miles of freeway. Is the XR 650L a good choice for me? I also like the idea of putting some 17 inch wheels on for the winter. thanks for any feed back