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  1. hey guys it was my cdi just in case someone wanted to know.
  2. hey guys still not happening for me!! i have recently changed the stator coil and pulser coil still not running properly backfiring won't kickstart only roll start glows the pipe in seconds all that bad stuff!! anymore ideas? if it runs wouldn't that mean that the cdi is ok? don't wana buy one onlyto find out that its not the problem again! any ideas will be greatly appreciated. ps valve timing is perfect, carburetor is spotless and i have a big fat spark so this says to me the cdi is ok. To recap prior to these problems i had a bad dose of fuel and also washed the bike with the pressure washer and cleaned and oiled the filter. thanks guys
  3. yeah done all the tests and the ignition coil read as faulty so i changed it, and from my research coils can read ok but under high voltage as in higher revs they will break down yet reading ok by the tests. it's been to several dealers and they don't know and said they would only do the same thing with the trial and error of changing these items. hence my bank troubles and frustration!!!
  4. hey, i recently had a bad dose of petrol, which caused the bike to backfire and was shooting flames out the exhaust, big ones! so i emptid the tank and tried again with the same problem. so i cleaned the carby several times with no luck i then decided to pull it down to see if i had a bent valve and it was perfect so i changed the rings and timing chain and lapped the valves and all that stuff valve timing is spot on and still doing it. i then changed the primary/secondary ignition coil (the one in the frame). Still doing it same problems backfiring glowing the pipe in under a minute. i've ordered a new stator coil and pulser etc if this doesen't fix what could it be?? i'm very frustrated and nearly broke!!