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  1. hermitinhemet

    Curtis Sparks Racing DRZ

    motorowlands get 2 scales and put one under each wheel.Much easier.
  2. hermitinhemet

    Tail Mod Done! Thanks for the help TT!!!!

    UFO light: It puts out plenty of light in my opinion..Looks about the same anything else out on the road.I took the lense off and there is not a chrome reflector inside but it uses a 1157 type bulb which is the same thing in 95% of all the cars driving around.It has a good lense also which is designed to enhance the light.The lense is DOT stamped.The only thing I did was change the turnsignal bulbs to the 20 watt like mentioned it others posts to slow the turn signal flash back down to normal.The stock turn bulbs don't use enough juice and make the flasher flash quicker.
  3. hermitinhemet

    Tail Mod Done! Thanks for the help TT!!!!

    The UFO light has a DOT number on it.It also has a license plate light.The only thing that would not be technically legal is I think the turn signals are supposed to be a certain distance apart.That is why they always put the long stem on them.I doubt you would ever get stopped for that though.
  4. hermitinhemet

    Storage to the Max

    OEM Suzuki rack http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a156/hermitinhemet/8cb338a9.jpg
  5. hermitinhemet

    Tail Mod Done! Thanks for the help TT!!!!

    Here is a picture of my UFO and OEM Suzuki rack..I don't know why everyone does not like these.