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  1. paulthelefty

    Clarke Tank leaking from petcock mount

    RTV will dissolve in the gas, get a new gasket.
  2. paulthelefty

    TTR vs. TTR vs. TTR?

    +1; especially if you add the kick start. A must if you are riding alone or in remote areas, just in case the e-start fails (like it did to me)
  3. paulthelefty

    $5000 Reward!! Children hit with Paintballs!!

    I work with a guy that has permanent eye damage from getting hit by a paintball. Accordingto WA state law; "permanent disfigurement" is a felony act. If you carry, you are completely within your rights to shoot back to protect yourself or others. I know this will stir a debate, but if somebody is shooting ANYTHING at me in the woods, I'm not going to wait and see if it is paint or blood running down my shirt before I decide to defend myself. Paul
  4. paulthelefty

    Purple Numberplates

    Randy, There is a place near the fairgrounds that sells all different colors of 3M graphics tape in bulk. The stuff is about 18 inches wide. I would think you could get a couple pieces to cut your own for only a few bucks. Bug me and I will even look up the name of the place for ya! Paul
  5. paulthelefty

    Kick start conversion for TTR 250?

    I kept the battery, they call it the "magic" button for a reason! I primarily use the button, I would say about 80%/20%. It is very confidence inspiring to kick the bike over and it catches first time when warm. Paul
  6. paulthelefty

    Kick start conversion for TTR 250?

    I did the conversion after I had a dead bike 20 miles up a mountain in a ravine and had to be pulled out to a place that I could bump start. If you can change a clutch you can put the kit on. The instructions are in Japanese but they are fairly well illustrated. I think i paid $310 for mine from Ron Ayers online. Don't hook up the decompression, you don't need it, just creates more crap on your bars and more crap to get broken when you crash. I have a few photos... THe only issue I have had is one pair of boots likes to hook a little on the kick lever. I am glad I did it, no regrets. Paul
  7. paulthelefty

    Amyone been to 7 mile lattley

    Went to & mile today, it was pretty sketchy. The weather was fine, but all the puddles have ice under the water, and all the mud has ice under it too. Traction was little to none except on the big sand hills, they were mostly just wet. I had a pretty good time, but had I known how icy it was I probably would have stayed home or tried to hook up a Juniper ride. The power sliding and foot dragging got old pretty quick. Dont get me wrong, it was GREAT practice for slippery conditions, and I DID have a good time, but it was a LOT of work. Glad I had waterproof socks and pants! If ya go, it will be slick and messy! Paul
  8. paulthelefty

    TTR 250 Idle speed

    new plug? Fresh fuel? Thats a bummer, I hope you get it figured out... Paul
  9. paulthelefty

    Test ride concerns- is this right?

    these are famous for too lean jetting in the middle, especially if any mods have been done to exhaust or intake. use it to your advantage to bargain for a lower price. Let us know how it goes! Paul
  10. paulthelefty

    Stiff Throttle

    +1 for Hawker!!!
  11. paulthelefty

    I hate Ford

  12. paulthelefty

    riding area north of spokane

    Yes... LPO and Batey Bould are FABULOUS!!!!! Once the snow melts, of course.....
  13. paulthelefty

    TTR250- Constantly Dead Battery too...

    after i had a starter failure (these bikes are fairly famous for that) in the middle of BFE; I added the kick start and have not regretted it EVER! nothing like that extra bit of insurance 10 miles of singetrack from the truck! I was lucky and was with a group that could help me to a hill so I could roll-start. Ron Ayers.com had a great price, and if you can do a clutch you can do the kick start. Paul
  14. paulthelefty

    First video; ORV park riding

    It is 7 Mile, I learned how to handle a bike there. I don't go there much anymore, but it is close and pretty convenient. Good for checking our jetting or suspension changes, or taking my 7 year old. Paul
  15. http://media.putfile.com/playing-at-the-ORV-park tell me what you think; I had fun making it... Paul