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  1. BlueBalls125

    i am going riding and...

    OMG..... He's going to be fine. I rode mine for 6 months before even hearing about this so called "power up kit". But the bike definetly rips better with the kit.
  2. BlueBalls125

    Lebanon Poker Run

    What?? Havn't heard a word about it. How hard will it be?
  3. What makes you believe "2 smokes" suck ass?
  4. BlueBalls125


    how bout you stfu. Have you ever even ridden a yamaha MX bike?
  5. BlueBalls125


    Did Anyone see the picture yet in Dirtrider? It looks exactly like the new 06 fourstroke yamahas, just smaller wheels and smaller motor.
  6. BlueBalls125

    wait till you see my reborn 150

    What are you trying to make your 150 better then your *COUGH* CRF230R *COUGH*
  7. BlueBalls125

    125 2 stroke or 250 4 stoke

    Well havn't you heard the new rule? 2 strokes are going to be allowed to run 144 kits in em now to make things more fair.
  8. BlueBalls125

    125 2 stroke or 250 4 stoke

    Good somone like me...... I went from a 150 to a 125 I loved it. Just take it slow at first though cause a 125 is loads more bike then a 150. BTW YZ125's are good on all years like 99-2006 (unless your a vintage kook then i wouldn't know)
  9. BlueBalls125

    New bike

    Like I said Kx100 perfect bike for what you want. Also if you wanna go to the track every once in awhile you won't suck major balls and bottom on every jump (like a 230 would).
  10. BlueBalls125

    Albany Track?

    yep I definetely ate his roost
  11. BlueBalls125

    CRF150 Over a CR80 For Racing?

    Exactly, It's straight up retarded.
  12. BlueBalls125

    New bike

    OMG!!! Bite my winky off why don't ya. &%$#@! is with everyone thinking you have to re-build the engine over and over again. If you ride like a puss (which I can tell you do) then you almost never have to rebuild the top end. Also, if your into trails I recomend a KX100 Besides a 230 would be too weak for you. I'm 5'8 140 pounds and a 125 is just right for me
  13. BlueBalls125

    First Time, Great Experience.

    I rode the AlbanyMX track. Were you there on wednesday?
  14. BlueBalls125

    CRF150 Over a CR80 For Racing?

    Even after the full BBR kit your going to have a hell of a time smoking a 85. BTW you smoking crack?
  15. BlueBalls125

    New bike

    A 250 in no way has any characteristics close to a 125.