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  1. Just like they have done with the linkless suspension. Perfect, right out of the box.
  2. The manufacturing defects that KTM has had will be noticed pretty soon. So a bike that has 46h in it would've already had it's problems if it was caused by poor manufacturing. Quite sure KTM wouldn't cover anything. As far as the 250f goes, they are pretty solid machines. Just do the maintenance as the manual tells you to or let the professionals do it if you can't and thing will work just fine. I don't really think KTM's motor has a lot of power in the lower revs as much in the top or middle. There's no point comparing the torque of a high revving 250f and 250 smoker since they are pretty close. If you don't have a lot of money to spend, I'd go with the 2-stroke.Buying and maintaining one is a lot cheaper.
  3. Souli

    Ktm 2010 ??

    I really doubt that frame is same as the one GP guys tested in the beginning of 08. Here is a picture of the old one and the new one seems to be slightly different if you look closely. The rumour also says the new one is made of aluminium. With or without linkage the stock suspension should be atleast correctly set at the factory unlike the past years. And atleast they are trying something different and don't just bring new plastics every year.
  4. Souli

    Buying a bike. Need Help.

    You're getting screwed pretty bad. First 250F KTM's came in 2005 for the public to buy, so I'd stay far away from that "-02 model". You should stick to the 2-stroke, 4 strokes are a lot more expensive to work on and buying an old used one would IMO be a huge mistake.
  5. Souli

    Possibly switching from Honda?

    That 350 really sounds like it's the bike to have. Hope you don't have maintain it as much as a 250 though. Any news about KTM going EFI? Not that I'd had too many problems with the carb, but still it would make life easier. And crispier.
  6. Wow, seems like KTM has finally worked out the suspension problems. Guess they will run out of new bikes this year - AGAIN.
  7. Souli

    quickshot question!!! plz help

    If it fits perfect I don't see a reason why you couldn't. It's not like the o-ring quickshot uses is made of "magical power" rubber
  8. Souli

    250F pipe to a 450

    Noticeable, I wouldn't count too much on that. Yeah it gives a bit more grunt to the bottom and you can rev it way higher, but IMO it's not worth the money. The performance gain is quite small and it doesn't make you that much faster. It's better than the oem, but in my Low Budget Racing Team spare parts, tires and gas are more important. I had a problem that the clutch overheated with the Slip On. Heard that KTM has had problems with the oil flow in the clutch which caused the problems. Now I had to drill few holes to make it all good. So it really wasn't caused by the Slip On, that just didn't happen before I installed it.
  9. Souli

    250F pipe to a 450

    Yeah, they did replace it under warranty. But that akrapovic slip-on feels so much better I'm not gonna change back
  10. The weldings of my 450 oem silencer broke even though nothing hit it and I have a titanium slip-on from Akrapovic left from last year when I rode the tiddler. The model range is huge including "250/400/450/505/525/530 SX/SX-F/SMR/XC/XC-F/XCR-W/EXC/EXC-R" and atleast I think the 450 puts out a lot more power for the pipe to handle, not to mention the 500´s . My question is will this silencer silence enough? I'm sure it won't pass the FIM limits without enduro-plug, since last year it was close without the plug on a 250F and the limits have lowered since. And why does Akrapovic have different headers and evolution-line exhausts for 250 and 450 if the slip-on fits on both? Shouldn't they be the same I'll put the slip-on on for the time the oem silencer is put back to one piece. Atleast that way I get to ride Hey, maybe if the Akrapovic is quiet enough I won't put the oem back after all
  11. I think it depends how you ride your bike, how well do you maintain it and how much you're willing to put money into parts. If you maintain well and change parts often, I think you only need that clutch to get out of pit, no matter how hard you ride, and still find your gearbox working. Never heard of anyone breaking their gearboxes if the box came out of the factory in order. Myself I think I ride faster than the average-joe, but not really hard enough to really kick the doodles out of the bike. I atleast like to think I maintain my bike well and I like to use as few parts as I have to. So I tend to use clutch when I shift up if I can. But when riding rough fast straigths while standing on the pegs, the "attack position" doesn't allow me to get my hand like it should in order to use clutch lever. When downshifting I always use clutch. Never had any gearbox problems with a bike of any size,stroke or brand.
  12. Souli

    07 450SXF pipe fit 04 525?

    I'm quite sure it won't fit. Didn't the 05 have two exhaust holes coming out of the engine? edit. No i'm sure it won't fit
  13. Souli

    2009 Ktm Price Lists

    Still practically free compared to european prices. We have to pay around 13k for a 4-stroke
  14. Didn't yamaha have same kind of deal a couple of years ago?Their oem rims were excel's too ,but they were really crappy. Around -04/05. They still might be, haven't asked around