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    organised trailrides near seattle

    thanks nutz maybe you are right and I will post closer to the date. Is disappointing though - would seem to be a business opportunity for someone there. And Snow in early summer!!! The more I hear about it the more I want to do it. Hell people here in Australia travel hundreds of miles just to see a snowflake fall from the sky (its a hot and generally flat place). So what about the hire bike possibilities? Anyone have any suggestions.
  2. Dr Nick

    organised trailrides near seattle

    thanks for the comments i will be in Seattle for a conference from may 28 to about the 6th of June. what I was hoping to do is go riding the following week. I prefer to stick to dirt riding as I like getting to really out of the way places - less asphalt, more mud. I just finished riding a drz400e around the daintree rainforest area in Australia. I am surprised there is no-one doing dirt tours there as it looks from here to be an awesome place to ride. Here in OZ there are tour operators everywhere and most are fabulous and go to some of the best country we have here. So far I have only found this for the northwest but I will try the links - thanks woods http://www.trailbosstours.com/
  3. I will be visiting seattle in june (I live in australia) and I am trying to find out if there are any organised trailride operators in the region. Last year I rode Baja but this time I would like to see what washington state has to offer the dirt rider. I could just hire a bike and a map but it would be better if there was someone that knew where they were going. One possible option is to take a flight to Maob on the way home but there must be something closer to seattle. Any help on this would be appreciated
  4. Dr Nick

    Australia in March

    Hello there are a few places for hire in melbourne and there are a lot of organised trailrides available if thats what you are after check these out as examples http://www.garnersmotorcycles.com.au/ http://www.deviltrektours.com.au/ http://www.bullerbikeadventures.com.au/low/index.html If you really want help then post the same question on the dbw website which is the australian equivalent of thumpertalk http://www.dirtbikeworld.net.au/