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  1. evil11

    SDG 107 questions.

    on a serious note dont do anything to the motor other then getting an exhuast most sdg i seen and heard about i alway here about tranny problems and kick start problem i would save up for a gpx motor like the 125 engine plus its a 4 speed manuel clutch most good pitbike run the gpx but its like 500 buck which is slighty more then a bore kit but atleast its going to be a 125 and it should just bolt right on to your frame
  2. evil11

    Book Value of 2004 DRZ-110

  3. evil11

    help with idle and reving

    adjust idle mixture screw might help, you might have an airleak, on my street bike i had the same problem every one said it was an airleak,or plug pilot jet, it was a plug jet which i shot carb cleaner and a gunk of dirt came out but the bike didnt idle so i adjust the air screw to help idle and reving. did you clean your air filter that could also cause a problem as well
  4. evil11

    3 questions

    remember also its the rider that makes the bike plus the money, the guy at the local track rides a trick out crf70 that beats a trick out klx110 but i like the 110 there are some good amount of aftermarket for them and on the pitster x4 dont put down a bike that you havent heard first hand about just because its chinese, the gpx motor is the cheapest best bet motor said by mini moto magazine and that bike is like a 110 frame, honda style motor and on 14" 12" rims the shock handle pretty damn well and you can swap parts put with aftermarkets like 110/50 pitster is like the best pitbike other then an honda or kawa that is out in the market
  5. sputtering is cause from being rich
  6. evil11

    SSR motard wheels

    cyclonerims.com call them up there real cool people james is a good man over there he custom made my klx 12 inch spoke for my hubs it depends what bike you got but they got some varietys over there
  7. evil11

    New pitbike

    sorry to tell you the truth though rideblue is right man i dont ride anything thats chinese there just not reliable and note that all these bike are clone and parts are interchangable with the honda 50s and slowly cloning the klx/drz110 the only reason people buy chinese cause its cheap
  8. evil11

    help me with my.............

    actually a longer swinarm harder to wheelie the reason you stretch a bike is for traction thats why dragster bikes are always long, but if you do have a longer swingarm the bike sit higher when you wheelie it feels better to you cause your tall guy, im a short dude so i like it stock swingarm, i dont call my self a stunter yet but yeah my fifty is meant for stunting been riding dirt too much on my 110 but i just moved bike home so back to trying to stunt got my wheelies down but now i got to go the distance plus my endos have to start rolling too
  9. evil11

    x4 sgr forks

    what do you mean services? is it broken? did you try you local mechanic shop? cause any one can work on the fork if anything just change oil right? my friend work on forks before i watch him twice, one on a fast 50 fork and another was a mazc all he did was took it apart change oil and he called the fast 50 what he should look at and watch out for. if anything is broken might just have to call pitster and get the things replaces but if nothin is broken then why fix it?
  10. evil11

    CHP Quick Shift Kit

    dont worry about it, nothing a waste of money if its for a klx110!!!!
  11. evil11

    Should I get a pit bike?

    dude hope your neighbors are cool people cause i move out from my house to the i guess subur type neigborhood and **** i get the neighbors calling about me riding and saying there going to sue my landlord, fricken old people nothin to do but just complain trust me your going to love riding a pitbike i got one crf50 had two but one got stolen and two klx 110 one for the street and one for the dirt but if you have no chances of riding its feels like a waste im moving home just so i can ride all day long again with out old people!!!!! damn those haters!!!!!!
  12. evil11

    SGR 1/4 TURN THROTTLE on Thumperstar

    dude you might have got it the right way but just need to adjust the cable it sounds like there isnt any slack to the throttle when you turn the thorttle does it go back 1/4?
  13. evil11

    Project KLX110 gets a plate...

    dude make it look motard man check out how sick it look with street tires i geared man to get more torque but with with the stock 33 and a bore kit plus a tokyo mod you can atlest hit 58-60 plus you got the 4th gear!!!
  14. evil11

    help me with my.............

    dude im talking about catching again it falls out of the bp(balance point) my bike has enough power so that when the front falls down i can give it throttle and it hit the bp again and it much easier to catch a stock fork crf50 then a marzoch. with the exact same set up but just with marzoch. dont be dissing about this balance and skill its also about set up as well, make a set up that is met for you if your stunting it its your bike if you have problem with the clutch wheelies then gear in down in the front and up in the back if that doesnt help bore it out its all about the bp and remeber to lean back and cover the rear brake dont be hating your saying it balance and skill and all your saying is go practices gotta give some pointer too and dont worry man the bp feels like a light feeling in your bike sort of like your going to fall back but your not if your afraid of falling let some one record you so you can watch it and see what your doing
  15. evil11

    SSR motard wheels

    dude i think you made a mistake when you get a rim you find a rim to match your spoke count in your hub so you can re use it not the other way around cause hubs cost more then rims and whats the point of spending more money what is your spoke count in the rear for your stock hub? and where did you get that cyclone rim cause third gear racing a.k.a. cyclone rim can make 28 32 and 36 count spoke for that rim plus they have the spokes to go with it