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  1. Thanks for the update, ktmlane. After talking with a couple service dept's and reading more on the issues, I've decided not to get all wound up over a few adjustments that may be needed. So, I'm going to get the bike. Cheers!
  2. I was just about to pull the trigger and buy a new 530 exc-r when I came across this thread and a couple of others that are very bothersome. Did the smoking, difficulty starting, cam problems, etc. eventually get fixed? Also, are any of these problems related to additional exhaust restrictions due to California's hyper-anal smog laws? Most folks seem to report that they are real happy with their 530's. Are the happy campers still happy? Bottom line -- can anyone say if these problems are rare or do they tend to affect a lot of the new bikes? I'd really appreciate some solid feedback about these potential problems. THANKS!
  3. Doh! That fixed it for me. Didn't realize the caliper assembly just slid down all nice and convenient. Oh well -- this was my first time doing anything beyond cleaning up the air filter. mebe i should stay way from engineering The tires are dunlop D606s, by the way. They're a little stiff, but lots of mileage for the buck.
  4. Here's another pic showing the caliper assy. I never took that off. Thanks, but still puzzled.
  5. Has anyone used the dunlop d739 (even if they haven't used or don't have a comment on the d606 comparison)?
  6. Just to clarify, I"m not at all hung up on DOT approved tires. It seems like "DOT approved" implies a compromise that results in less dirt performance. So, does the d739 have much better dirt performance?
  7. Dunlop bills the d739 as the "ultimate" desert/off-road tire. Aside from the fact that the d606 is DOT approved, while the d739 is not, has anyone actually used both?
  8. I did find those prices at chaparral's site, but would never have thought to check them for good deals. Maybe it's my mis-perception, but isn't chaparral generally a little pricey? The TT pricematch looked attactive until reading the policy -- last bullet states that tires are excluded. WTFO????
  9. Forgot to include the link directly to the tires: http://www.underbid.com/cgi-bin/underbid/underbid.cgi?action=searchme&KEYWORD=dunlop+d606
  10. Does anyone know anything about www.underbid.com? They have dunlop d606 tires advertised for about $55 each, while retail is about $95 each. (btw TT store sells for them for about $85 a piece). Great prices, if this site is legitimate.