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  1. Well no one is gonna post real pics here again with a few jerks around. Came real close to getting Bryan involved like they do in the dirt bike forum but then the jerks would have more likely been banned. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=206725&page=476 I have lived long enough to have seen many times how the world will come back and bite someone in the ass....these jerks if they every get a chance to have a real woman for a wife will someday wake up next to the bigest ugliest looking whores that walked the face of the earth and these jerks won't have a clue how it happened to em.....that is if they live long enough.
  2. I showed a lot more respect than what we got and I would really like to be able to speak my mind
  3. No I didn't forget about rule #3 but as long as dick heads don't abide by rule #2 all yall are going to have posted on here are googled pics
  4. Might as well come on out of the closet.
  5. Some rules so this doesn't get shut down: 2. Show some respect. This thread is intended to be for people to post pictures of their friends, girlfriends, wives, etc if they feel so inclined and they should not be berated for doing so. This will also not be tolerated by the mods or the community. Don't be a dick! Hey dhbb05, Yama450YFZ,BadBird69 and shrubitup....don't know if yall are just a little light in your loafers or if yall are a full fledge sword swaller or fudge packer since yall are not into a almost naked female on a quad so maybe yall need to start "Who's Got The Best Looking Boyfriend On A Quad?!" Even though I am not into guys I promise to be a man and show yall more respect than you give others.
  6. Right in the middle of the delta
  7. Will be married for 28 yrs in a few months and we dated for 5 yrs before that. She has bought a quad and several bikes, several pistols and rifles to boot so she can play with me at my games. The racegun with the blue grips is hers that she shoots in competitions and the only thing that she had to buy for it was the scope, she used one of my pistols for about a year and won all of the rest of the pistol from going to the prize tables after big matches.....yes she shoots that good. I would love to be able to show off her face with the rest of her body but it isn't worth the trouble of her losing her job and having to deal with it being my fault especially as good as she has been to me over the years
  8. Who is busted? That has been my avatar for yrs and the face was doctored with before it was sized down for my avatar. She could walk up and shake your hand and you wouldn't know her from this avatar. I haven't been married for almost 30 yrs by being stupid
  9. racegun_2011

    New Babe on bike thread

    No actually it was in the 80's when those pics were taken....oughta see her when its cold
  10. racegun_2011

    New Babe on bike thread

    Think that I was about 6 yrs old when I looked at my first playboy magazine and 41 yrs later I still enjoy looking at beautiful women
  11. racegun_2011

    New Babe on bike thread

    Here are two of my rides [/img]
  12. racegun_2011

    My 06' YFZ450SE In Progress

    How much for a set of those decals? Very nice quad too
  13. So is this thread officially dead?
  14. racegun_2011

    Bike guy gettin his first "real" quad

    Don't let anyone try and tell you that the YFZ isn't a good all around quad. When my kids were younger I would spend one weekend a month with each one just riding and spending one on one time together. Here is a pic of what one of our favorite trails are like. It has sand, mud, red clay, lots or sections with nothing but rocks and lots of hills. Here are a couple of pics of my daughter and me when my quad was pretty much new on this trail. Here is one where I was letting my daughter learn to slide on my YFZ. And don't ever let anyone try and tell you that the YFZ can't ride in the mud. Bill Ballance dominated GNCC races for several years on a YFZ