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  1. kelbro

    DR350 dirt model carb

    Sold. Thanks!
  2. kelbro

    DR350 dirt model carb

    bump Good carb!
  3. kelbro

    DR350 dirt model carb

    Sold my DR and I have an extra carb from a great running '93 DR350 going up on e-Bay tomorrow. This is the 33mm that a lot of people want to replace their street model carbs with. Starting bid is only $35. Search for Suzuki or Mikuni. Thanks for looking. Here's the link http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1,1&item=4578610182&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT
  4. kelbro

    '90 DR350 starting problem

    I can usually get my bike to fire off cold on the second or third kick. Hot usually one or two. This weekend it fell over on me trying to back down and turn around on a steep hill. I picked it right up but couldn't get it to start in 6 or 7 kicks. Was it possibly flooded? Any trick to getting it back started without wearing my leg out? Decomp, kick through a few times and then try? I'm wondering if an opened airbox and larger jets would make this thing easier to start? The only mod to this bike so far is a SuperTrapp. Thanks.
  5. kelbro

    ngk cr10e"k" plugs

    I was warned about the split prong plugs having a high occurence of the prongs burning off and seizing rings. Anybody else heard this or is it one of those dealer urban legends?
  6. kelbro

    How to preven twisting forks?

    Weakest link theory... If the clamp didn't allow them to twist, they would bend.
  7. kelbro

    Maybe "OT" - Some Ebay Auctions (One DR)

    Saw three boats last week that were the same kind of scam. $35K boats, $13K Buy it Now. It must work some of the time or they wouldn't keep doing it. Like most scams, they play on greed. Somebody thinks that some dope is selling their boat/bike/whatever for 1/2 of what it's worth and that they are going to put one over on them.
  8. kelbro

    Maybe "OT" - Some Ebay Auctions (One DR)

    e-mail the Hayabusa seller and get on his 'pre-approved list'. I'll bet that you get an e-mail back saying something like "I'm out of the country right now, deposit the money in this e-Bay escrow account and I will not withdraw it until you say you are satisfied". Problem is, he withdraws it immediately. This is a very big e-Bay scam right now. Sellers get their ID phished, somebody takes a 'for sale' pic off the web and uses it in a bogus e-Bay auction. I may be wrong on this but I have found that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  9. kelbro

    E start

    Thanks, I may check out the dynojet kit. This 350 does have some serious compression!
  10. kelbro

    E start

    GSX, how do you 'kick it right'? My instep will be appreciative. I normally pull in the comp release, kick it over a few times with the throttle open, then find the top of the compression cycle. It still takes a few sharp kicks.
  11. kelbro

    Proper Oil Level Check TTR 125

    And... it would be a good idea to invest in a manual. Lots of maintenance info in there.
  12. kelbro

    flat tire:<:<:<

    Or... there's something still in the tire.
  13. kelbro

    DR 350, enough guts?

    Just checked it out. It's a non-S model. Getting a bike street-legal in AZ is not that involved. Lights, horn, mirror, emissions is about it from what I can tell. Don't need hi-lo, don't need turn signals. Runs pretty strong. The owner has added a desert tank, SuperTrapp and a larger sprocket. Should be just fine for the kind of riding that I want to do.
  14. kelbro

    DR 350, enough guts?

    Thanks for the replies. Don't think that it's an S. It has the little headlight and taillight on it. I would guess that the street use would be less than 5% but I will be doing some fire roads and such.
  15. kelbro

    DR 350, enough guts?

    Looking at an early 90s model DR350. I'm 6' and 195 lbs. Does the bike have enough power for someone my size? What's the top speed on the road for a stocker? Not racing, just curious if I can drive it to work every now and then. Any common or known problems that I need to check out on this bike before I buy it? Recommended upgrades? Thanks.