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  1. Maybe try different grips. I had a lot of vibration on a rm250. I tried the spyder grips. Night and day difference. The only grips I use now.
  2. I am trying to jet the pilot circuit on the stock carb. My question is, is there a way to tell if you are going to lean? The stock jetting was 35. I did some research and most people went with the 32.5. Right now I am running a 27.5. I was tunning in the air screw and right now I am at 3 turns out. I have a 25 to install, but I just don't won't to go to lean. I have the v-force reeds and fatty pipe. Also where can I get the s7 or s8 nozzle? Thank in advance and sorry about another jetting question. Brian
  3. could you give any details on what you had to do to make the change?(subframe, brackets) Thanks
  4. Thank you
  5. Did any of you guys run a flywheel weight? Did the rad/v-force make a huge difference?
  6. I have a 01 RM250 it also had a hard clutch pull. I tried the msr raptor easy pull. It was the best money I spent. They are made cheap so be careful, but to me worth every penny.
  7. Spider grips
  8. Does anyone know if the 03 carb. would have any improvements over the 01?