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  1. motocrosslive

    Looking for Round 2 Highpoint 125's torrent...

    I may have one ... send me your email to info@motocrosslive.com
  2. Zak ... I've sent you emails before with the links ... here it is again. ftp://download.motocrosslive.com/zaksdesigns/atmloveszak.wmv ftp://download.motocrosslive.com/zaksdesigns/atmloveszak-small.wmv ftp://download.motocrosslive.com/gmbvid.wmv ftp://download.motocrosslive.com/gmbvidsmall.wmv You can always find the links at MotocrossLive.com "Download Zone" page simply by clicking the link to "see" where it is located. btw: excellent videos, great job, keep it up. Hope this helps. Bob
  3. Zaks, In case you've forgotten, I provide free video hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, for all Independent MX Film Producers, like yourself. We have been hosting some of your videos and I've sent you links to it for you to put onto your website. Let me know if you would like for us to host your newest videos. Thanks, Bob Davis MotocrossLive.com
  4. motocrosslive

    How do I post a 45mb video?

    Yes, like misterman suggested ... break it up into 5 smaller file size ... email it to me ... I can put it back together ... if you put it on www.putfile.com ... it will eventually be forgotten ... if you want us to host the video, it will always be there plus we have hundreds upon hundreds of mx videos from many filmers worldwide ... and we also provide 24x7 MX Serials Broadband TV show ... your film may be on this show. motocrosslive staff
  5. motocrosslive

    How do I post a 45mb video?

    I'll host it for you ... we offer All Independent MX Filmers FREE Video Hosting You can email it to info@motocrosslive.com Bob Davis MotocrossLive.com