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  1. We had just about 12 inches of rain down here in Blooming Prairie, might have to take the bike out this afternoon and get a little muddy.
  2. Just a guess but how many turns out did you adjust your air screw? I believe stock is 1 1/2 turns out.
  3. I would love to have my bikes look that good.
  4. Nice looking bike.
  5. I noticed a couple of 500's at pretty low prices on E-Bay this morning. I think I am going to try to find a complete running engine and just replace the old one. The Wife is starting to get the urge to ride the 250 so I hope to find a engine in about a month.
  6. It is around 3-4K around here. The previous owner used to raise pheasants and set them free. They also had the DNR come in and seed around 80 acres with native wildflowers, there are about 15 duck ponds on the property as well. There are a few trails around the property that I hope to check out today. gmhitec, thanks for the tip I will have to check it out.
  7. I have found the parts I need, now I just need the cash to go with it. I can't wait to get it going we just bought a hobby farm with 88 acres to ride on and now the Wife each will have a bike to ride to go exploring.
  8. I was wondering if a XR 600R motor would fit myself
  9. I just picked up a '84 XR 350R for free:ride: . A friend of mine who I brought my Xr 250R from told me he had a friend who was moving and I could have the bike if I wanted. It does need a new head and cam but other than that it is in mint shape. The original owner had let the oil level drop and it took out the cam and head not long after he bought it new. The bike itself has very little hours on it, the paint on the frame above the footpegs hasn't even been rubbed off. I am going to try to find a complete engine to replace the old one with, the engine has been sitting with the top end off for years and in a couple of weeks I won't have the time to go through the engine until fall and I want to ride it this summer. I know the '85's were a better model but for the $$ I will have invested I am pretty sure I will have alot of fun with my '84.
  10. My Dad has a 02 1/2 ton and he says it is the best vehicle he has ever owned. I thought it would be full of sqeaks and rattles but it is tight as a drum, mush quieter that my Wife's Grand Am. If I was ever to buy a gas powered truck it is what I would buy.
  11. I bought a 87 Trail boss 250 a year ago form a guy who thought the motor was blown up because it would not turn over one morning when he went to start it. When I got it home I found a mouse nest in the clutch. I removed the mouse nest and cleaned the carb and the atv runs great, best $40.00 I ever spent.
  12. QUOTE]Yeah my sister is moving to Pine River this weekend, I wanted to bring my bike with but I don't have any shims and my intake closed up quite a bit and I dont even want to ride my 125 there, its running terrible, could have been the cold weather though, i dont know. I'll definately be up there fairly often though, when are you moving? We close on the house on the 23rd and will be moving for most of the weekend. There is still quite a bit of snow up here so don't feel bad if you don't bring your bike, I don't think the riding would be very good.
  13. FWIW I have seen Megea cabs with the DVD palyer and sunroofs up here going for $31,000, but they had the 6 speed and I am sure you would want a auto. You might be able to find a comparitive price in your area.
  14. Geez, with all of you guys that come up to the Pine River/Backus area I almost feel bad about moving down to Blooming Praire. I am Planning on selling my place in Pine River after I move but you guys might make me reconsider. I don't need the place and at my new house I have 88 acres to ride on, but the trails up here are great but I never had anyone to ride with.
  15. On tdr1.com in the 6.7L forum there is a post about a dealership in Washington state that is selling new diesels for $4,000 under invoice. It seems people are saving 8-10K over sticker FWIW. About this time of year my local Dodge dealer has a sale on their trucks, I have seen SLT 2500 diesel 4X4 autos going for $31,000. I used to never like diesels until I owned one, now I could never go back to a gasser.