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  1. SaharaJp99

    Starter Questions

    Thanks Eddie, I'll probably bring it down this Saturday. I ran it again last night and there is some weird noises coming from the motor, so I changed the oil to make sure there weren't any metal shavings in there, and there wasn't, it looked clean, but I'm not sure what it is, I'd rather have a pro like you take a look at it so I don't cause any major engine damage if there isn't already. -also while its down there I'd like to have you tune it. It was running rich when we dynoed it and since your looking at it anyways might as well have you make your magic touch on it.
  2. SaharaJp99

    Starter Questions

    alright, thanks for the help. I'm at a loss on this one. Eddie, you have any openings coming up to bring it in? I could drop it off this saturday. Turn around time is not much of an issue, you can keep it as long as it takes.
  3. SaharaJp99

    Starter Questions

    As far as I know it didn't over heat, light never came on and didn't loose any coolant. It was only about 55 degrees out when this happened.
  4. SaharaJp99

    Starter Questions

    It's got an e-tank on it so no vacuum petcock. I'm not saying that the long idle caused the problems, that was just the sequence of events. Yeah, I know Eddie, he dynoed the bike a couple months ago. Seeing if it isn't something I cant fix first. I was mainly just wondering if it was normal for the starter to spin over when it dies.
  5. SaharaJp99

    Starter Questions

    I'm having some issues with my bike. It all started after I stupidly let it idle for about 15 minutes or so while it was already at operating temp. Then I rode it about 3 miles at 60mph or so and it died. It'll start, but won't idle and runs poorly at low rpms, but fine when you rev it up. It'll stall when you try to get it to idle. My question is, when it does die, you hear the starter turn over. Is that normal? I'm thinking my issue might be that the starter armature might be stuck out so the starter is spinning the whole time creating drag on the motor hence the stalling. I know its not carb issues as that is what I first suspected, it almost felt as if the pilot circuit fell out. But, I took it apart and everything looked good and I gave it a thorough cleaning. Any thoughts? Oh yeah, its a 05 SM
  6. SaharaJp99

    Off-Road Recovery straps

    You want 3" minimum, preferably 4" strap with NO HOOKS, just loops on the end. Should be rated for 20,000lbs minimum. Most are 25' to 30' in length. Make sure it is a recovery strap, not a tow strap, tow straps are not made to stretch and do not work well and do break in "snatch" type situations. Harbor freight does not sell "recovery straps", go to a local ACE or farm supply store and they will have what you need. You could go the procomp route or warn route from a 4x4 shop but they are $$.
  7. SaharaJp99

    Is a DRZ400S tank the same as my sm tank?

    cool, now I know, anyone want a blue Kalifornia tank?
  8. SaharaJp99

    Is a DRZ400S tank the same as my sm tank?

    On the S model tank I tried it didn't fit. There was a vent on the bottom left corner of the tank that the SM tank didn't have and it hit the subframe. Not sure if it is a year break thing or if they all had that?
  9. SaharaJp99

    Any Advice on Starting the DRZ when hell has frozen over

    You can jump it with a car, just do not start the car or have the car running while you are jumping it. If the alternator kicks in and sends 80 to 150 amps to your bike, you'll be melting some stuff.
  10. SaharaJp99

    Student Bike Decision

    I'd go the drz route. they are really reliable and if you are in school that is a bonus... I have a drzsm with some mods and about 50hp and it is an absolute blast. I will never get rid of it.
  11. SaharaJp99

    MX helmet or Full Face for street? What do you use?

    I use a full faced most of the time, the mx can sure be a strain on your neck if you are going above 50, the visor is like a sail. I have the HJC AC-12, its comfy, good ventilation, decent price.
  12. SaharaJp99

    Slow Air Jets are a myth

    lol, good call, didn't think of that, thats probably what he thought I said.. ah the comedy!
  13. SaharaJp99

    Slow Air Jets are a myth

    Yeah, I know you aren't a yamaha dealer, but when I called I asked the parts guy if they had any slow air jets for an fcr in stock and he responded with, "we aren't a yamaha dealer." I told him they used those carbs on the drz400e as well and he said, "oh, well no, we don't keep those in stock."...... Sounds good on the beer, Thanks!!
  14. SaharaJp99

    Slow Air Jets are a myth

    sounds good eddie, will do. You drink beer? When I bring this thing down to dyno let me know what kind you want. I know what you mean about having priceless parts guys, I work at a heavy equipment dealer and we have a few of each, worthless and priceless, and it makes a huge difference. I was suprised though, I called OTD and asked for one and the guy told me "We are not a Yamaha dealer." Thanks eddie.
  15. SaharaJp99

    Slow Air Jets are a myth

    Well, after calling 15 different suzuki and yamaha dealers I am convinced that either a: Parts guys don't know bikes, or, b: Slow air Jets are a myth. Guess the only way to get them is from sudco direct.