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  1. Also I'll double check the water pump impeller when I drain the coolant again
  2. I had the actual head checked and surfaced while it was being serviced. I'm really debating on buying a new cylinder, or havin the one on it surfaced?
  3. I have a 2006 yz450 that keeps pressurizing the cooling system. I just sent the head off and had it rebuilt I would assume that the shop who rebuilt the head would have checked for cracks and so forth. I installed the head and still have my cooling system getting pressurized, I'm starting to think I need to have the cylinder checked, I have replaced all o rings and seals in the Cooling system along with the radiator cap. Im also wonder if it's possible that the head bolts have been over torqued and stretched? I'm at my wits end trying to track this down. I have put a pressure tester on the system and confirmed that it for sure has a leak I just don't know where??!!
  4. Gray thanks youre a big help as always!!
  5. no one local worth a crap, do you know anything about fastheads?? or pro quad?
  6. also what do you think caused it to overheat this severly?
  7. yeah thats what im starting to think. do you think i should just throw it away? the warpage is out of spec too.
  8. I havent measured head warpage but i noticed this when i flipped the head over. the seats appear beat up pretty bad, but if its worth saving its cheaper than buying a new head. it appears to be a chunk missing from right around the edge of the valve seat. I am wondering if a good head shop can fix this and install new seats. if so anyone got a good recommendation on a shop that can do this? the seats in the head are aftermarket, any reason why they are beat up so bad? the chunk missing that im talking about is the top side of the lower seat.
  9. I'm picking up a new plug tomorrow, I'm trying to locate a cheap cdi also.
  10. I would not say its consistent, it seems very weak truthfully.
  11. also, the bike has a vortex ignition, I do not have a stock ignition to swap out to test though.
  12. timing was verified with the marks on the flywheel and also with the piston.
  13. I have an 06 YZ450 that it will no longer start it only back fires. where should i start? timing has been checked, valve clearances adjusted,carb gone through. it just back fires through the exhaust. any input??
  14. Well I believe I have tracked down the problem. I decided to look deeper into the electrical system, I pulled the stator cover and checked out the maneto, it appeared as if something had been rubbing on it. I checked out the flywheel and found 2 holes punched in the flywheel, pretty sure I've located my problem.