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  1. Zeniac

    ? on tire size

    I switched from Perelli MT-21's and I'm running a KENDA K-270 3.25X21 FRONT and a K-270 5.10X18 REAR without any problems. I'm quite happy with them for their stated purpose. They work quite well on-road and on single and two tracks unless it's sandy or muddy. Don't know how many miles they will get but they sure are a lot quieter than the MT-21's. Mi do centavos,
  2. Zeniac

    Heat reflective tape on a gas tank!!

    I have a Clark 4.7gal plastic tank and I put Thermo-Tec Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier from Thermo Tec on the underside of the tank. I have had it on for about 6 months now without any problems. Less than $10.00 at https://speedzone24-7.com/adhesive.htm . I found that the header wrap made a huge difference in heat dissipation and helped to cool the motor down during the hot South Texas heat of the Rio Grande Valley. Mi dos centavos,
  3. Bought a Zongshen 72cc motor to replace a 50 on my grandson's minibike, works great so far, I don't know about parts compatibility though, didn't bolt up exactly and wiring different, took some mods to make it all work. Paid $178.00 delivered to my door, couldn't beat the price.
  4. Zeniac


    I have seen the auctions as well, I did a search on the web and came up empty handed, even though the price may be cheap, it still isn't a good reason to buy. I decided against it myself, perhaps someone has experience with these exhausts and may change my mind. Mi dos centavos
  5. Zeniac

    Gas Milage

    Stock I got around 50mpg on road and about 30 off road. With a 14 tooth front sprocket, 140/90 MT-21 on the back, smog stuff removed, snorkel mod, Dave and Brian's carb mods, now getting about 45/25mpg.
  6. Zeniac

    Need 4 exhaust studs for XR650L

    I needed to replace one of the studs on my L. The Honda dealer said he could order them in, but wouldn't place a special order, and it would probably take a week to ten days to get in. I went over to the local Kawasaki dealer and was able to get a used one for free. I have found myself going to the Kawasaki dealer first for parts and accessories more and more, they treat me right, usually are able to get anything I need and always sell for less than MSRP. Our local Honda dealer couldn't care less about guys that prefer to do their own maintenance and treat me as if I am a bother, even though I have spent hundreds of dollars with them over the years. If Kawasaki comes out with a more dirt oriented replacement for the KLR I may be riding green.
  7. Zeniac

    Ceramic Exhaust Header Wrap question???

    Well I put the Clark tank on and used Heat Barrier to the underside of the tank; wrapped the header pipe and sprayed it with heat coating; and trimmed the front fender. Rode the bike off road, on the highway and around town without any apparent heat problems so far. I am very pleased with the results and put FX Graphics XR decals on the tank to give the bike a more finished look. So far so good
  8. Zeniac

    Are the 650L's that bad????

    I agree, Dave and Brian's carb mods, smog block-off kit, 14 tooth front spocket and decent tires make a big difference, but it is still a heavy bike that can beat you badly off road, however, it is a true dual sport and can be run at 65-70mph on-road, with a pretty comfy stock seat. Another advantage of the BRP is that maintenance is easy and the bike is basically bulletproof. If your budget is tight there are lots of XR650Ls in excellent shape available for around the 2K price range.
  9. Zeniac

    XR650L in the mud...

    I have been running Pirelli MT-21 130/90-18's that seem to work much better in the mud as long as you keep your speed up.
  10. Zeniac

    Bike on and off work stand....

    Bought the same thing at Pepboys for $49.95 with mail-in $10.00 rebate.
  11. Almost all MX helmets are DOT approved and many are Snell rated as well. I wear my MX helmet for street riding all the time, it's great, you get good air flow and the visor helps keep the sun out of your eyes. Mi centavos dos
  12. Zeniac

    Ride to work?

    I usually take my cage to work (Honda s-2000) because it's a pain in the ass to change and I'm usually running late, however I use my XR650L to go to school (3 days a week), approx. 60 miles round trip. Helmet, jeans, touring boots, mesh jacket and gloves. If I have time I ride off road about 6 miles each way.
  13. Zeniac

    Would you buy these graphics?

    No offence but... Stick with T-shirts dude!
  14. Zeniac

    Ceramic Exhaust Header Wrap question???

    I recently purchased a Clark 4.8 gallon fuel tank and will lose the wings when I install it. I am concerned about heat because I live in South Texas where the temps run consistently in the mid 90's during the spring to fall period. I am considering the header wrap to lower temps around the head area and installing a passive heat sink on the oil filled down tube of my XR650L to reduce both air oil temp. I do not have a dipstick temp gauge to read temps, but with the headers on both sides of the down tubes shouldn't removing heat from this area help the BRP run a little cooler? I thought that the heat sink would help to dissapate heat from the down tube without and extra lines to worry about. I am also planning to cut the back of the front fender up about 1 1/2 higher to provide more air flow to the head. Does this make sense to you guys? Do you believe that the stock header pipe will withstand the extra heat? Personally I wouldn't be too bothered by having to re-wrap the header pipe every six months or so, but I'm not too keen on having to replace the header every 16 months. Thanks in advance for any advice. ps I have removed the smog stuff and performed Dave and Brian's carb mods already.
  15. Zeniac

    header wrap

    Sorry I posted in the wrong area.