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  1. CRF150Joe

    Guys, does anyone know how to filter this?

    I like my awesome idea about the mixing it down, at 400:1 and throwing it in my car, 400:1 is pretty good, maybe even shoot for 450:1 or so.
  2. CRF150Joe

    Guys, does anyone know how to filter this?

    ok check this crazy skill out..I found a calculator that calculates gas per oil mixtures, so I entered in 400:1 cause thats a safe mix. I found out that on every 19 gallons (a fill tank of gas) it would be 6.08oz of oil per 19 gallons so then I figured out that the 5 gallons I have in each drum contains approximately 15.238095238095237oz's of oil, so now if I take 2 gallons of that fuel its 6.095238095238095oz's of oil which is within my range to a 100 thousandth of an ounce. So I can safely add 2 gallons to every 17 gallons and still be safely at 400:1 mixture ratio, not bad eh!
  3. CRF150Joe

    Guys, does anyone know how to filter this?

    that makes no sense typical oil is mixed 32:1. so if you add more gas and raise that to higher fuel:oil it shouldnt hurt the car, the cat should be fine, mine are super high flow like 4inch diameter cats, I dont theres anything even in them, I think what I will do is fill my fuel tank up 9/10 and 1/10 so thats like 18 gallons and 2 gallons of mix and then just add some techron to the entire tank and that should do it, I am more concerned with actually burning this fuel rather than having it sit here at my shop, and this way I savev 6 dollars everytime I fill up, and I put the techron in the car ever fill up anyway so thats not really an expense.
  4. Ok please dont rag on me or anything about what I am asking, I am a parter so as you can imagine 2 gallons of gas times X 50 bikes every few months is alot of gas, and thats around 500 dollars worth of gas yes, the two stroke I am giving away which is mostly what it is, the 4 stroke I put additived in boost the octane and put it in my car. Anyway, the two stroke, does anyone know if its possible to filter out the oil from that gas so I can run it in my car, like its a shame to waste this gas when its so expensive anymore, any suggestions guys, I mean this could be big imagine how much fuel I would save and others like me, thats thousands of gallons fuel a year saved. Anyway, the floor is open, all ideas are welcome, I will test this on an old power washer I have before putting in my car obviously. Lets here it guys!
  5. CRF150Joe

    1988 CR250 issues...no frame lines up...HELP

    that frame is definately bent than kyle. You can come get mine whenever you want I am home all weekend for the most part.
  6. CRF150Joe

    1988 CR250 issues...no frame lines up...HELP

    I am radio592's friend who is selling him the frame. I own JWS Cycles and have a great shape CR500 frame I think its an 86 or something but I know it fits his bike. I gave him the subframe too which was straight as an arrow. I am just giving him the frame for 5 dollars cause thats all its worth scrapped since it didnt sell on ebay. Anyway, I do believe everything will mount up from his bike onto this frame with no issues at all. And my frame is the original 1986 paint never been touched so that just makes his bike even more valuable.
  7. I have a 1989 Quadzilla LT500. The motor is bored either to a 610cc or .30 over, very clean and what not, good compression, no repairs done to it, I am going to part the whole quad out and I dont know crap about quads I am more of a dirtbike guy and usually only part them. How much do you think I should be asking for this motor I have been told 1800.00 by the guy I got it from what do you guys think?
  8. CRF150Joe


    what transmission does a 1996 or 1995 CR125 have 5 or 6 speed?
  9. CRF150Joe

    CR85 front hub vs CR125, CRF250R, etc.

    dude your best bet is doing a conversion with CR125 parts, I just sold someone a full front end for the same bike thats doing the same conversion, cr85 suspension is too weak for the xr200..NO SPAM! (mod)
  10. CRF150Joe

    The ultimate Kawasaki 2 stroke

    Wow you guys are real mature, They tend to buy the motors from me when I have them. I hardly have KX500's so they attempt to buy them from me so far they have bought 2 from me, usually I sell to private buyers. What do I care if they sell the bikes or not, doesnt hurt me either way. There is not one of you thats half the seller I am. Shut your mouths.
  11. CRF150Joe

    The ultimate Kawasaki 2 stroke

    I sell service honda those motors for the kx500's I am a bike parter, they are used motors refurbished so 11,000 grand is a rip off. I would rather have a custom cr500 cause they start at a lower price.
  12. ok the guy is coming tomorrow night to buy my banshee and i have a major issue, when I ride it for more than like 30min it cuts out and dies. The spark plugs feel kinda wet but not really that wet and its got a full tank of gas and i take the plugs out and put them against metal and kick it but get no spark !?!..i need ideas to try to make it work, what should I look for, is something getting hot and pushing on a wire?..I am in desperate need please guys help:eek:
  13. CRF150Joe

    Question about my YZ250?!?!?

    Ok guys it doesnt go into neutral I try and try it wont go in, it goes through all the gears fine but wont go into neutral..any ideas?
  14. CRF150Joe

    Yamaha Banshee question

    guys i know this is a stupid question but its my first banshee. I got a decent one and I am working on cleaning it up. I was putting a new chain on it and the one i was trying to put on is way too big I am going to cut it but for reference how do I adjust the chain on it? thanks for the help in advance.
  15. CRF150Joe

    valve adjustment or not? I'M SO CONFUSED!!!

    hey guys im friends with the guy that started this thread and I am going to look at it today when I get to his house. The bike definately would not start if his valves were way off to the fact that you could not get a feeler guage in it now what I am thinking it is was slightly off TDC cause on my CRF if you are slightly off TDC you will not get the accurate reading you should. So we are going to take a look at that today and make sure that it really was at TDC and I was also thinking that the wrong feeler guage might have been used and you do have to use a certain angle to get in the certain lobes. Does this make sense to you guys. I am sure we will be posting back tonight but please let me know.