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  1. I emailed this guy to further empathize with you considering I live and ride in the area. He is a disgrace to government workers who are suppose to be public servants (I am one myself). Hope all is well for the ride in the upcoming weeks! Mr. Larson, I just wanted to let you know that I feel that you have an employee with a very poor public service attitude with regards to the event permit that coincides with the Blackdog motorcycle tour. I too work for the government and by doing such we all are required to have a customer-service business approach (we serve those who employ us). Furthermore, the MHNF is a place where I have rode and have grown up, your employee, Mr. Doug Jones has made irreparable repugnance towards the Forest Service and furthermore, towards the Forest Service in Oregon's MHNF. Thank you for listening, and I hope you try to deal with this employee accordingly for his actions towards all of us who enjoy and respect the MHNF.
  2. bnutts54

    Hard starting 05 crf 450

    I dont know if it will help you out much but I was having similar problems with my '04 and somehow my fuel screw was turned and was so far off that it was causing my bike not to run at idle let alone start. *the fuel screw is just in front of the bowl on the carb it is a remote screw setup