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  1. EatDirt5

    Tapping front break in air?

    How many of you guys clutch it when tapping the back brake? I never do, i always get screwed up when i try and clutch it, maybe my levers are to high? My motor never stalls out though, it always just keeps chugging ha.
  2. EatDirt5

    Polishing my Frame

    hah gotta love the internet....hmmm, not sure what im gonna do, i figured it'd wear fast since the boots rub that spot. maybe just do some other, less vulnerable spots. Thanks guys
  3. I got my yzf all pulled apart for a rebuild, so i figured i'd polish the frame. Im wondering what i should use. Im trying to get a mirror/chrome finish. Ive never polished anything before so im wondering what compounds, and buffing wheels i should get. If anyone has an experience in this area help me out! Thanks http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii229/thorandrew5/020010408friday.jpg Thats the look im going for^^
  4. EatDirt5

    wet sump kit

    dammmm, $22 dollars on that website! Thanks alot.
  5. EatDirt5

    wet sump kit

    Alright, so i did my research on it and just want to further my understanding of it. So far from what i understand is, you remove the oil tank and lines leading to it, losing 3pounds, and have to change oil out every hour. No REAL advantages to the $150 spent. Only reason im looking into it really is because i bought an 06 yzf250 2nd hand(from an idiot) and went to change the oil for the first time, well the oil tank drain bolt had a hugeeeee glob of JB weld around it, the "fitting" that screws into the cases and has an oil line and drain bolt on it is cracked. So its either replace that, or look into the wet sump kit. Which correct me if im wrong but it will replace this part right? http://www.bikebandit.com/houseofmotorcycles/yamaha-motorcycle-yz250fv-yz250f-2006/o/m8867 Part 17 is whats cracked Part number: 5155327-001 $34 Also i ride trails once in awhile too, so a mile long up hill wont over heat my bike with less oil? Replace the cracked piece, or spend the money on the wet sump kit? any help would be great, thanks.
  6. EatDirt5

    Time to rebuild master cylinder?

    Thanks for the help guys, ya im gonna go drain it all i think, then shoot the oil in from the bottom. We'll see how that works!.
  7. On my '06 yzf, front brake is supppper squishy, i bled it twice now with no luck. Tomorrow im gonna try to bleed it from the bottom up, i bought new pads so thats not the problem...think i got a lingering air bubble or is it time to rebuild my master cylinder? Also about how much are they? Thanks for the help.
  8. Im riding an 06 wr250f right now...i hate it on the tracks. Suspension has been redone but it still sucks. So this summer im selling it and getting a yzf. My question is should i get an 08 for a little cheaper, or wait and pay for the 09? I havnt really been in the big bike loop lately(racing minis). So anyone know any details about the 09's? One of my buddies mentioned EFI, but idk if its for sure or not. Any help would be appreciated..thanks.
  9. EatDirt5

    fmf Q4 on 08 yzf?

    How do these work? Im in the market for a new bike(yzf250 or kxf250 not sure yet, coming off of an 06 wr250f) and when i buy it i have to buy an exhaust for it to because i ride alot of trails and need a sparky/quiet exhaust. Ill probably buy the megabomb header for it to since ill just be adding the cost on the loan lol. Just seeing if this is a good setup or should i look at some others like PC, white bros or dr. d? Already did a little research on here and didnt really come up with much. Thanks, Andrew
  10. EatDirt5

    Clutch plates for kx65

    How many plates are in them? 5 or 6 disk? I need some for my klx110 6 disk clutch. Thanks alot
  11. Alright, im giving my bike a make over, having some custom graphics made up. I searched around for a bit and got a few questions answered, the shrouds are the same as a YZ 03-05 correct? So im assuming the number plates are to, minus the front headlight. Just trying to clear this all up. Thanks
  12. EatDirt5

    kx65 forks on klx110

    if ur getting 65 forks, u mine as well spend the bucks on a decent rear end setup. Dont cheap it out or you'll end up spending more later.
  13. EatDirt5

    How to apply New Graphics

    ya what he said^^^ I dont use any liquids tho, makes them slide to much, cant get them to stay where i want. But thats just me. I use a hairdryer only, done tons of bikes for my buddys and myself and they all come out great, oh and if u have a tight corner or groove, think it through haha dont just slap it on, cause chances are the graphics wont line up everywhere if ur not careful.
  14. EatDirt5

    Hangtown Track??? Couple questions

    no track riders here anymore? spliiiiisssssshhhhh
  15. Alright, sometime this weekend i would like to go ride a open practice session. My question is here, whats there schedule? I dont want to get there if there closed cause prairie city sucks lol. I checked hangtownmx.com but that didnt help much, tried calling, no answer. So anyone know? Also im riding my 250f during the big bike session but during the 85's could i run my mod 110 you think? That would be dope i think. Thanks for the help oh and how much does it cost? thanks