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  1. t_hugheslv

    My TTR 225 needs more juice!!!

    I was looking through a catalog today and noticed a header to fit my bike... i was wondering which would give me more power: the header or the new pipe... both aren't in the cards right now due to a lack of $$$. Just wondering which would be better for now. Also, will taking the snorkel off of the airbox cause any substantial damage? And any suggestion on a better-than-stock airfilter is also appreciated. Thanks again.
  2. t_hugheslv

    My TTR 225 needs more juice!!!

    I'm 16 years old and am about 6ft 2in and 165lbs. But because of my age, this means I am still going to be growing quite a bit yet. I'm looking to add some more hill climbing and wheeliing power. I like the idea about the airbox, I was wondering about that before hand... also, I'm looking into buying hand guards/ bark busters... any suggestions? Thanks a bunch.
  3. t_hugheslv

    My TTR 225 needs more juice!!!

    I am the semi-proud owner of a TTR 225 and am looking into either purchasing a new header or a new exhaust pipe for it. But where is the best "bang for my buck" at here? And price is also a concern. Another possibility is new sprockets. For those who havn't picked up on it, I'm not very mechanically inclined. Keep it simple! I am leaning towards a new header and sprockets but is there anything else I would have to do to make the bike run better than before (jetting, suspension...)? Any and all insight is appreciated.