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    1998 WR400f For Sale near Chicago

    That must be some site, seeing you riding your WR with all your friends on it. I saw something similar at the Circus once.
  2. ecarlson

    1998 WR400f For Sale near Chicago

    Only 60 miles Southwest of Chicago...
  3. 1998 Yamaha WR400 $3,200- Pro Tapers, BBR Billet Kickstart, Vortip exhaust tip, Acerbis Rally Pro II brushguards, Topeak Panoram Enduro Computer, Baja Design street legal kit, shop manual, Recent tires, sprockets, O-ring chain, brakepads, Twin filter, plastic. Trail ridden by conservative adult. ?'s ecarlson@direcpc.com. Fully serviced and ready to ride the season. $3,200 (630) 207-3679 See pictures of WR400 for sale [ May 04, 2002: Message edited by: ecarlson ]
  4. ecarlson

    The latest stupid throttle stop question...

    Anybody know if this will work on the '98 WR as well? Thanks
  5. ecarlson

    Hey all you tech GPS heads...

    I am really impressed with the etrex vista! I have one on order and should be here next week. I ordered the handlebar mount. I started doing research after my trip to Michigan and getting lost a few times, then some guy rode up with a GPS and showed me the route out. Except for an external antenae hookup (which you wouldn't use on the dirt bike anyway) the vista has tons of features that would be useful for me. -Built-in compass -Altimeter -Trip Computer (check against my topeak in an enduro) -Downloadable maps -Both tracks and routes -Higher accuracy -waterproof -24 MB ram -backlit display -no external antenae to break-off While the GPSIII+ is marketed for mobile usage, I am not sure they had dirt bikes in mind. The Vista is for outdoor use and specifically list motorcycles and ATV's as applications. To wrap this up.....the Vista does take maps, the Topo from the III+ and others. As far as the buttons on the sides comment...true but, there is actually a mini joy stick on the top face of the Vista that can perform all of the functions that the side buttons do. It is very slick. Finally, you have a pretty good unit already...I'm not sure I would upgrade unless yours craps out or you sell it to someone else.
  6. 35. Amazed at the narrow age difference. I thought I would be one of the older ones in this forum. We should start lobbying the industry now so that we can get senior citizens discounts on parts and bikes (when its time). Hope to see you guys on the trails still riding hard 20 years from now!
  7. ecarlson

    New Tires....... What Size???

    I love my 756's, but Dunlop markets them as good for soft to intermediate terrain. I don't have any experience with them under the conditions you ask about, but I did find this handy chart that helps you select the right tire (Dunlop) for the job. Good Luck. http://www.dunloptire.com/cycle/tires/dirt.html Also, I am running a 110/100-18 rear, it was the biggest available. I would have bought a 120/100 if they made it...I don't remember the front but I think there is only one to choose from in the 756's anyway. I heard so many good things about the tires, I had to try them. Also besides riders recommendations on TT, they seemed to be the most widely used tire in the recent Dirt Rider Magazine article where they did a 24 hour off-road bike test at Glen Helen. [This message has been edited by ecarlson (edited 05-30-2001).]
  8. ecarlson

    anyone with acerbis 3.2gal tank?

    If Bryan isn't interested, email me the details as I would also be interested.
  9. ecarlson

    Michigan Riders.....

    About 1/2 dozen of us guys from Illinois are coming to Michigan for the first time , June 14 - 16th. We are going to camp out near the trails in Luther, Michigan. We have no idea if we have chosen the right area for a first visit, so any feedback would be appreciated. If anyone would like to meet up with a group of 30 somethings, who like 1 or 2 beers (but not party animals), and who are "C" riders that just enjoy trail riding, let me know. It would be great to hear about any Michigan trails that you guys enjoy riding and would recommend.
  10. Sorry to hear you are selling the bike Dave. I was looking forward to blasting through Ottowa with you. If ebay doesn't work out, email me your asking price and I will spread the word, then and in the mean time. Good luck! [This message has been edited by ecarlson (edited 05-20-2001).]
  11. ecarlson

    Help me get over the big logs quickly!

    THANKS for all the great advice!! Just knowing what the fundamentals are will give me the confidence to practice this important skill more. Thanks again!
  12. I have this enduro Sunday that is supposed to have as many downed trees as the Redwood Forest after a nuclear blast. Twigs to 8" logs, no problem. Anything bigger and a 1/3 of the time I make it. Another 1/3 of the time I make it but the bike pops up hard and smashes the twins (if you know what I mean. The other 1/3 of the time I have a spectacular crash. Not good odds!! Other than going around, what is the proper technique for getting over these 8-14" menaces at speed? Do I wheelie over? Aim for the top 1/2 of the log with the front tire? Any suggestion for +/- the compression/rebound? What is the correct body position? What is a good attack speed? And finally, how big is too big to attempt at speed with the WR? Thanks in advance for the suggestions! [This message has been edited by ecarlson (edited 04-23-2001).]
  13. ecarlson

    screen getting worse!

    I am having big problems with new posts myself. I hit submit and it chugs for a little bit then returns me to the forum like normal, but no new post. Just as if I never typed it in. For those of you having trouble, if you do a search by your user name you will see that your post shows up with no subject link. I have emailed Bryan and Bill. Bill even tried a post called TESTING!, but the link come up dead. Somewhere there is a problem. Hopefully an answer will come up soon. If 10 posts of the same thing show up all of the sudden, please accept my apologies in advance. [This message has been edited by ecarlson (edited 04-22-2001).]
  14. ecarlson

    Moab - Fall 2000 Video Available

    Let me know what I need to do to get one when they are available. Thanks [This message has been edited by ecarlson (edited 04-21-2001).] [This message has been edited by ecarlson (edited 04-21-2001).]