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  1. dustinbauman

    2006 KXF250 Bog off idle

    about how many turns out should the fuel screw be with 42 pilot? Should I just turn in until it stops then turn out till the idle is balanced? Thanks, Dustin
  2. dustinbauman

    2006 KXF250 Bog off idle

    I will give that a shot. That is very high for the idle, but will try that as well.. Thanks, Dustin
  3. dustinbauman

    2006 KXF250 Bog off idle

    yes, fully warmed up, riding to test, after riding a full moto, still happens. Actually happens when coming out of a corner hitting a jump, or in rhythm section landing then pinning it to make the next jump, boggs...
  4. My question, stock KXF250 '06, I live in San Diego & ride mostly tracks. I have moved the clip down one (stock 2 - moved to 3) position and have the fuel screw out 2 1/4, the bike now does not backfire and has great response from 1/4 throttle to full, however from idle, cracking the throttle kills the bike almost every time. Plug looks ok, light brown, with some black around the threads. It idles good, just can't get not to die when cracking the throttle. Any help would be appreciated. needle 3 position down from top pilot jet stock Motopro air screw 2 1/4 turns out. Dustin