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  1. 2989eric

    question about '71 SL 125 starting

    Thanks, I want to keep the battery but I just didn't want to rely on it for starting. Eric
  2. 2989eric

    question about '71 SL 125 starting

    Thanks, I figured the "box" would be too good to be true. Eric
  3. 2989eric

    question about '71 SL 125 starting

    Thanks for the info. I just bought a new battery and it started on the first kick. Now I just hope it charges ok. Eric
  4. I bought a beautiful '71 SL 125 for just under $400. It is candy emerald green and is very stock, except for a European muffler. I was surprised that it will only start if the battery is charged. I also own a 2004 KTM 450 mxc and it will kick regardless of the battery. Does anyone know the difference and is there a way to bypass it for emergencies? I've heard that some company once sold a "box" that eliminated the problem but in looking at the wiring diagram, I have no clue. I have a title for this and just installed turn signals so I can't wait to ride it . Thanks in advance, Eric