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  1. If it is truely a genuine 1000kms, it will be a good buy. How can you tell? It is very easy to disconnect speedo. Mine disconnected it's self. There is not much difference between the '03 - '06 models, mostly suspension but a revalve will make the '03 bike better than an '06. How cheap is it? remember you buy a brand new '06 for $9,500 if you look around, maybe less. Then he can screw them on riding gear.
  2. All I can say is if it is lean, it will be asmatic, won't pick up speed easily, breathe hard, be hot. Easy to tell if lean. If rich, it will stumble, sputter if real bad, but run cooler. It is hard to tell if slightly rich unless you change to a leaner setting and you get an improvement. Now perfect, it will just explode in power, no hesitations, no fuss. You will know if you got it right. This is why it is good to have a play around with a few jet sizes. The needle will have the biggest effect on how your bike runs. The pilot circuit corresponds to 0 - 1/4 throttle, needle 1/4 - 3/4, main 3/4 to full open. Ues these throttle settings as a guide to find out what you need to change. Only change one thing at a time as each circuit is effected by them all. With your jetting, I would leave the needle where it is when you go to Mexico, the pilot and main jets are very easy to change out when you get there. Just go with the 48pilot and 168 main. You might find the 165 is good enough for you depending on how modded your bike is. If you don't have an adjustable fuel screw, get one. They make pilot circuit tuning simple, and perfect pilot circuit will crispen up throttle response.
  3. Those bikes look killer!!!!! Definately look better than the '06's!
  4. for mexico, seems same climate and altitude as here!!! I am using 168 main, 48 pilot, JD red#4 (or #5 depending on if temp and humidity drops). If you are having serious issues with bog, adjust the AP squirt. If not, don't touch it. With your jetting, there is really only one way to find out, that is trial and error. If only we had EFI.......
  5. Why do you want iCat? I have got an iDog for my iPod, but not an iCat!!!! Seriously, I would skip that and get a Vortex ignition if I were you.
  6. They are a ton lighter than the WR's............
  7. The way to loose 15lbs straight up is loose the E-start and starter gear.
  8. Batteries give off hydrogen gas when charging, hence all the warnings........
  9. Take off your exhaust and bolt it back on properly. Be sure to line up the header on the outlet gasket evenly, hold it in place and tighten bolt and nut evenly!!! People just throw them on their bike, not paying attention to allignment. You will be amazed at how a little exhaust leak can create havoc.
  10. It will be. After you fix, changing jetting will actually do something again!
  11. Remember, in spec is in spec. That's why they have a high and low limit. No need to worry if on the tight side, unless they have been moving.
  12. Only when thrown in fire!
  13. I hope you ain't going to ride in the dirt with that! Another set back is that it doesn't filter real well at all. That is why it flows good. A few layers of surgical cotton isn't the best for dust.
  14. Make me a red one!
  15. I hate the sideplates, and oh, and I HATE orange!!!! Other than that, KTM good bike!