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  1. So does the caliper take the xr pads or crf pads (or are they all the same)?
  2. Let me ask you this...do you think an '87 xr600 caliper would work on my '89? I'm guessing the calipers are all the same, more or less, just the brackets are different from upgraded forks every few years...
  3. Anyone else fancy themself as an xr expert before I buy something?
  4. I did. They are all different
  5. good deal. i also heard that most xr600/650 calipers are the same. i hope thats true!
  6. so a cr125 caliper will work?
  7. My caliper seized up and I need to get a new one asap. I haven't been able to find one on ebay or locally, so are there any other years/models of bikes that will work on an '89 xr600? I saw an ebay auction where the guy claimed that a '97-03 cr125 caliper worked with pretty much every honda including all xr400's and xr600's. is this true? please help, I need to get back on the road! Thanks!
  8. 1. Anyone make a front braided line for it? 2. Anyone make a chain guide for it (non oem)? 3. Anyone know if the sprockets from other years are compatible? (I need a 40 tooth sprocket asap)
  9. i tried it again and couldnt friggin get it. i need to pay more attention i guess
  10. Thanks for the responses...keep em coming!
  11. thanks for the welcome! the bike already has a kickstand, but I plan on putting new tires on it soon, so I need to be able to get it up on the stand soon. my regular old sportbike stands are too wide!
  12. Hello, I just bought a street legal XR600 with supermoto wheels and haev a few questions. 1. How hard is it to convert to rear disc brake (where to mount master cylinder, caliper? new hub? etc) 2. How do I setup the compression release? It has no cable/perch setup. 3. Will any front rotor from an XR600 fit it? EBC sells a rotor I want to buy, but at work the catalog says that it only fits 91-97. 4. I bought a center stand (non lift style, just basic stand). I am wearing my muscles out tryi8ng to get this thing on there...and tips? 5. Who makes a different throttle for this bike? The one I have seems extremely stiff and is a little beat up. Any input is appreciated (help with #4 especially). Thanks in advance. steve