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    XR650L lowering advice...

    I was somewhat of a wheelie freak back in the early 80's on my TT500 Yamaha. After being away from it for 25 years (and into the Harley thing), I'm itchin' again, so I just bought an '97 XR650L so I can brush up on my wheelies. When I was doing them back then, I did them on the highway versus dirt because I did them in 5th gear at about 55-60 on a long straight road. My old TT Yamaha's seat height was probably about the same as my current Harley (26" or so). This XR is probably 37" or so, and even with my 240 pounds on it and my 6'height, I can only tiptoe and touch the ground. I NEED IT LOWERED... A BUNCH!!! This bike will never see dirt. The highway wheelies will be all it's used for, so I don't need ANY of the travel in the suspension. What is the most extreme amount I can lower this thing cheaply? This is my first visit to TT. I'm not even sure if this is the best way to pose this question to the highest number of your members, but I appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks!