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  1. ELX

    Whats the go??

    Does that mean a Thumpstar will blow up? Why would it do that? Also other than Thumpstar and Mojo what other (already modified) bikes are there out there that are 125cc and sold in AUS? Thanks again
  2. ELX

    Whats the go??

    This is the Mojo Provert i was looking at getting. http://www.mojomotorcycles.com.au/view_product.php?id=pro Other than that there are always the Thumpstar 125's. Those bikes you guys posted look pretty good. Don't mind that pitster. But i'd prefer something avaliable in AUS now. But do you guys think that a bike like the Mojo (linked above) or this Thumpstar http://www.thumpstar.com.au/thumpstar_pro/index.html (the pro hunge small wheel) Are goign to be ALOT stronger and mroe relaible than a chinese imitation bike off ebay? Or do you think it'd be better for me to buy a stock 2nd hand xr50, crf50 ttr-50 etc. and do it up? I'd prefer to get something already done up if possible. Anyway thanks for the help so far! One last thing, what's the top speed on a 125cc pitbike? Just wondering, thanks guys. Tom
  3. ELX

    Whats the go??

    Hey guys, Im looking at buying my first pitbike. I've had full sized moto's but im tired of having something so serious and hard to transport etc. Anyway im downsizing! Just posting to see which bike you guys think i should go with? I want the most powerfull/fastest bike i can get for my money (assuming that'l be a 125??) but i want something that will hold up to mx riding, jumps etc. I will have about $3000 AUD to spend which mean i won't be going for some chinese replica thing, i want the real deal I was looking at maby a mojo provert. There in my price range and seem pretty awsome. Come pretty tricked up. Otherwise i could buy an actual 50 (xr,crf) and do it up. But that will probably cost more, and i'd prefer something that was good from the start. Anyway other than say the provert, and thumpstar 125's what bikes are out there that i could buy?? Thanks guys. Tom
  4. Hey guys, I was considering buying a CR125, 2nd hand a 1994 model. But I was thinking about it, and I won't be able to ride it very often. That got me thinking, if I was to buy a pit bike I could ride it all the time around my yard, around trails near my place, at friends places, at mx track, pit bike tracks and possibly at actual dirt bike trails (where I would have taken the CR125). Anyway I just went looking for bike, and I’m completely swamped. I tried searching eBay, but there were literally thousands of cheap Chinese thumpstar imitations. So then I thought I would try the trading post for a 2nd hand one. Well I found a few thumpstars, but I know there are many more brands out there. Basically I want to buy something that will go as fast as a stock TTR-90, preferably faster. I know lots of people buy XR50s/CRF50s and do mods to them. But I don't want to spend $1000 on the bike then $2000 bringing it up to speed (excuse the pun ). So I would prefer to buy something that’s already set up to handle jumping, and is already got lots of after market parts on it. But if I was to buy a thumpstar or similar can you then buy other after market parts to fit them, like you can for XR 50's etc? Last question what are the brands that make quality Pit bikes. So I can search for a 2nd hand one in good condition, I just don't want to buy something like some Chinese one that’s unreliable and will break. There's just so much out there it's amazing. Anyway thanks in advance Tom
  5. ELX

    New to Pitbikes...

    Which bike do you think would be a better buy. The bike i linked at the top of the page or this one here... http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=32074&item=4560271012&rd=1
  6. ELX

    New to Pitbikes...

    Yea that motovert does look good. But i really cant spend that much I don't midn abotu the rev box so long as i will be able to buy replacement parts and little upgrades. What are the most important mods that i should buy first off after i have the bike? Things for increasing the bikes reliability, strength, power, speed etc. Thanks for all the help.
  7. ELX

    New to Pitbikes...

    Where might i find one of these "motoverts"?
  8. ELX

    New to Pitbikes...

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a pitbike basically to just stuff around on. Little bit of easy trail riding, bit of jumping, maby some track riding aswell. I don't want to spend a fortune on a thumpstar so i'm going the the chinese equivalent In other words...Ebay...I narrowed it don't to a bike that looks like the best i can get for my money. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=32074&item=4559725545&rd=1 Basically i just wanted you guys to have a look at it, tell me what you think. Also will that bike be upgrade-able? I have looked on many mod sites but all i can see are parts for XR50's,CRF50's,DRZ110's,TTR'90's ect. Will there be any aftermarket parts that will fit that bike? I'm talking engine mods, carbys, exhausts, rev boxes ect? Anyway thanks alot guys.