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  1. paulxr

    450x decompressor

    I wonder if this recall will be for the Australian models aswell? I have a 08 CRF 450X and i havent received any recall notices in the mail yet.
  2. paulxr

    450x speedo problems

    Seems to be a common problem, mine stopped aswell and i found a broken wire going to the speedo, the adr wiring is crap so that could be your problem aswell.
  3. The only problem with the stock odometer is that it is rubbish Mine is still going ok on my 08 CRF450x but i have heard and read so much about them failing i am just waiting for mine to stop, when it does i will most likely replace it with a basic speedo like what was on the xr's. It is a pity that Honda has built such a great bike but it has been let down with inadequate equipment such as the speedo, KTM and Yamaha have great speedo's pity Honda didn't get the same manufacturer to make theirs.
  4. I have just bought a twin air to run in my CRF i found the stock ones seem to get brittle and chip of on some of the rubber bits.
  5. paulxr

    Trials tires on the 450X?

    Lots of guys run the pirelli MT43 over here and most seem to like them i have yet to try but wouldnt mind giving one a go.
  6. paulxr

    450x muffler mod PICs

    Has anyone done a 08's baffle yet?I just took mine out for a look and it doesnt seem to pull apart any tips on how to do?Thanks
  7. paulxr

    Air Box - my (unscientific) test to NOT cut the airbox.

    Did you notice much difference in the way the bike ran after changing the jetting only and leaving the rest stock?
  8. paulxr

    Air Box - my (unscientific) test to NOT cut the airbox.

    I totally agree with you on the airbox mod:worthy: I had a ride of a 07 CRF 450X at the weekend (mine is a 08)he has done the airbox mod and is also running a crf450r needle and a 165 main jet my bike is still standard no mods at all besides the basic de-restrictions done at the dealers and to be quiet honest there wasnt alot of difference besides his was a little smoother on the bottom end which i put down to the jetting,after riding my bike he regrets doing the airbox mod and said he should have just done the top mod and left the sides of the airbox alone.
  9. paulxr


    I just bought a GOPRO wide and this is the 1st ride i have used it on so any comments on the video will be much appreciated.It is my 1st go at editing and i am using windows movie maker so i have a bit to learn also u tube has killed the footage a little compared to what i get on my PC monitor.A little boring but ok
  10. paulxr

    GoPro Hero Wide Motorsport cam setup

    Is the new firmware out for the GOPRO?
  11. paulxr


    Hi Mick i have the 08 aswell and i am not sure if it has the smog pump i have seen pics on here of what it looks like and i cant find it on my bike so maybe our Aussie models arent fitted with it.Interesting on what you have written about your jetting the more i read about it the more i get a head swell:lol: thats why i think i will go for the JD kit the bloke who makes them sounds like he has done lots of research and in the long run i think it might be the better option.You havent got a pic of the toip of your airbox have you?when i re jet it i will do the same mod as what u have and leave the sides as is.Paul
  12. paulxr


    Thanks for the replys guys i am just going to bite the bullet and buy a JD jet kit:ride: i have been reading the posts on them and they seem great,what i have read about them for use in Australia they say run them one jet below the recommended setting due to our fuel here not being as good as what you have in America:bonk: and i am still going to stick to cutting the top of the airbox not the sides.I wonder if that is why the CRF can have valve problems?my mates WR 450 is stock standard and it comes out with a 165 main jet maybe alot of the problems stem from running to lean stock and as we all no the WR has a pretty good valve life record.
  13. paulxr

    Well, I Did It... Gone Red.

    I jusat put a set of Force Radiator guards on my bike and there awesome check out there web site. www.forceaccessories.com.au
  14. paulxr

    Bike spewing oil once it's warmed up...

    I put 900 ml in my tranny side on my 08 and have had no issues as of yet,i thought a full litre might be a little excessive,i get a very small amount of oil in my tube but a very small amount so i am not overly concerned.
  15. paulxr


    I went for a good ride on the weekend and due to my bike being stock as a rock i decided to richen up the standard main from a 145 to a 150 when i done this the bike seemed harder to start when cold and was hard to get it to idle properly it seemed to hang for a few seconds on a higher idle speed and then drop down to normal idle speed.I just put the standard 145 back in and it has gone back to normal easy to start and idles properly any suggestions of what i did wrong much appreciated.