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  1. Hi, what's the best way for a UK resident to buy tickets for the Anaheim supercross meetings at sensible prices ? Last year we used the online seller www.ticketsnow.com and got ripped off! Is there a better way to buy? Thanks
  2. Here are the REAL FACTS for UTAH, 2BBs back yard. From The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. No 2BB bullshit here, just REAL FACTS. Summary: In UTAH, 1 fatality in 2003, 3 in the 1930s and 1 in the 1980s. http://www.wildlife.utah.gov/news/03-06/rattlesnake.html
  3. It figures. You piss us off too.
  4. JohnRM

    Hi, Im new here. Heres a few pics.

    Welcome to TT. Nice pics.
  5. Another mx star in the future. Great performance, well done.
  6. JohnRM

    cutting weight

    What can I do: Eat only prunes, beans & chilli peppers. How fast will it work: Almost immediate weight-loss, plus further regular weight losses at approximately 10minute intervals. Side effects: More greenhouse gas emissions, fewer home visits from your friends.
  7. JohnRM

    Whats Arm pump

    http://www.mxfitness.co.uk/articles/arm%20pump.htm Try this link
  8. JohnRM

    Fork bleed screw lets out oil

    Hi Grayracer, I was hoping you'd see my post, thanks for your help. I have learned to replace fork seals by the "monkey-see monkey-do" method & although I understand the physics of how liquids & gases behave under pressure I know very little about fork construction. I will take a closer look at the cap etc.. when I take the forks apart later this week. I am a little disappointed that every Yamaha I have campaigned, that's 5 in the last 3 years, has had flimsy fork seals. They have all failed within the first 5-10 weeks of use from new. I clean the seals using a piece of 35mm film negative so I doubt whether the failures have been due to neglect. Also I am careful not to direct the power washer jet directly onto the seals. Any ideas on replacement seals that might perform better than the originals? Thanks
  9. I use a 14ft scaffold board cut into two 7ft sections with angle iron hooks on the end to hang onto the bumper. One board has a smooth surface for the bike, the other has wooden treads screwed on for my feet to latch onto. It works fine and cost next to nothing.
  10. JohnRM

    Sometimes I'm not a good Dad....

    The sticker on the swingarm says "full floater" but it looks more like a "three-flush floater"
  11. JohnRM

    front suspension for dummies

    Fix a zip tie round the fork leg about half way up the chrome stanchion. After riding it should end up pushed down to around 1/2 cm from the bottom. This shows you are using full suspension travel. For mx with big table tops etc.. you should not bottom out the forks more than once per lap max. There is a basic suspension tuning guide on the ohlins site (PDF format). Or borrow some KTM suspension manuals, they have good basic setup info. Or find another rider who seems to have a better setup & "share". Always remember to write down the settings BEFORE they get changed, so you can get back to stock settings if you need to.
  12. JohnRM

    Fork bleed screw lets out oil

    True, it was hot today. I have the sunburn to prove it! I got panda eyes, only RED!
  13. The bike is a YZ450F '05. Good racing 2day at Toddington, UK. 2 holeshots, 3 wins by my sponsored rider Robert Barney. I did the prep & checks between each moto. The forks have started leaking so we will replace the seals in the week. However, when I bled the air from the top of the forks the left one let oil out of the bleed screw. I have not seen this before. Any ideas why? Thanks.
  14. JohnRM

    MX Des Nations

    Did you mean to sound arrogant or was it accidental? I hope to see the best riders in the world getting together and having a great battle for the benefit of my favourite sport. If America wins again I will clap and cheer and say well done to the best riders. And if America doesn't win again I will be happy to join with my fellow smack-talking full-of-themselves not-quite-the-best Europeans in helping you and RC to eat a large portion of humble pie.
  15. JohnRM

    MX Des Nations

    http://www.briouxmotoverte.com/ http://www.motoclubernee.com/english/actualite.asp