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  1. Hi All, OK - so last time the bike would not start - I changed the fuel and put a new plug in - unplugged the kill switch and nothing ! Got it started by kicking the crap out of it ! been out on it and when it was warm it started fine. But the next day I went to start it and all it does now is back fire, and it does not start. Could this be a timing problem ?????? Its a YZF426 2003 Any ideas would be great thanks Paul
  2. pauly

    Bike Wont Start

    Hi, Yep tried that one, unplugged the kill switch and still no joy !! Thanks Paul
  3. pauly

    Bike Wont Start

    Hi - Please help, I just bought a 2002 YZF426 - when I got to the buyers house it started on first kick - choke only no throttle - It rode great, got it home on a trailer, started it - it ran for say 5 seconds then stopped - I have not been able to start it since !! I have changed the fuel to some fresh stuff, put a new plug in it - checked the it was spaeking which it was. I have also unplugged the kill switch And it still wont start - petrol and spark, yet nothing - any ideas anyone ?? Please help Thanks Paul, London - UK