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  1. motorowlands

    I got to see it with my own eyes

    You might want to try the Hatfield McCoy Trail in West Virgina. http://www.americantrails.org/nationalrecreationtrails/trailNRT/HatfieldMcCoy-WV.html I haven't done it myself but intend to do it this summer, it looks good.
  2. motorowlands

    Custom Scott's Sub-mount Pics

    I really wanted a Scott's sub-mount steering damper but could not afford the cost of the Scott's triple clamp that was required, so I decided to make my own mount brkt. Came out pretty good considering my limited resources, $12 for the bar risers (handle bar top clamps flipped over) $6 for longer bolts, free mount, some kind of brkt I had laying around, it must have been Chrome Molly, that shit is tough. It took a lot of heat and a lot of hammering and grinding to get the required shape. Drilled and taped the triple clamp, the triple clamp was only about 5/16" thick, not much thread and pretty soft alum. so I also put nuts under the triple clamps. Works great. http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e312/motorowlands/CIMG4214.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e312/motorowlands/CIMG4216.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e312/motorowlands/CIMG4215.jpg
  3. motorowlands

    Big Bore Jetting?

    It was from a 2000 YZF426
  4. motorowlands

    Big Bore Jetting?

    Search is down, read all 19 pgs of jetting data base, only 1 BB post, diff set up though. 06 DRZ SM, modifications: Athena 434 BB 12.3:1 compression piston Hot Cams, IN, EX, stage2 ? lift:9.58, Duration243 FCR 39 Needle EMM 3x4, Moose filter Muzzy SS full sys Trail Tech lightened flywheel Sea level
  5. motorowlands

    Big Bore Counter Balance Clearance?

    Thank you Eddie, now I can get back to work.
  6. motorowlands

    Big Bore Counter Balance Clearance?

    Just getting ready to put the head on a Athena 434 BB and remembered that someone had an issue with the cylinder skirt coming in contact with the crank counter balance. Is that an issue with this kit that needs to be checked or can I just bolt it together? If it is an issue how much clearance do I need between the skirt and counter balance?
  7. motorowlands

    Brrrraaat POP POP????

    From way out in left field, make sure a mouse did not build a nest in your air box or your exhaust. Had one fill my exhaust with about 3 handfulls of dog food once, bike would barely run till I took the exhaust off and dumped all the dog food out. Ya never know.
  8. motorowlands

    Finally!! Cheap Tach

    Looks pretty good ordered mine. http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_6970_524744_524744
  9. Currently live in Tokyo but spent the last 14yrs in State College and 23yrs prior to that in Stroudsburg. Don't have a dualsport in the States but will be back for the month of July riding off-road, have a camp site at Tower City and will be riding and camping there, also riding in the Hazelton/Frackville area and the Pocono's for trail riding, State College to ride MX tracks. PM me if your interested in riding strictly off-road, I'd be happy to show you the riding area's I know and to learn some of yours.
  10. motorowlands

    Set-Up for MX sections

    I have an 06 DRZ 400SM and would like to know what set-up people are useing to be plush on the MX part of the track and firm enough for the pavement?
  11. motorowlands

    help me if i wrong

    Could give this a try www.ama-cycle.org/rulebooks/AmateurRules2005.pdf
  12. motorowlands

    Set-Up for MX sections

    I have an 06 DRZ 400SM and would like to know what set-up people are useing to be plush on the MX part of the track and firm enough for the pavement? Thanks
  13. motorowlands


    come on sombody's gotta have a tape measure/ruler? It looks like 02-06 use the same tripple clamps. Maybe I need to ask the ? diff. I need to know the distance between the two handle bar mounts where they bolt through the top tripple clamps. Thanks
  14. motorowlands


    Could some one please tell me the ditance between centers, where the handle bar mounts to the top tripple clamp? I have a 03 but I think they used the same clamp on several years. Thanks
  15. motorowlands

    How is SM in Dirt with Wheel Mod?

    WOW!!!! I joined this forum because it was a good source for info and a place to share your experience and opinions. If throwing stones makes you feel better about yourself, hurl away. I didn't suggest anything, I just stated what I had done and one of the many reasons why. A.. looks cool? Hell yea! but I don't think I mentioned that as one of the reasons for buying it. If you own a DRZ, any model, it will always be an inferior machine! I bet that statement got your panties all bunched up! It is a great do it all bike, but it will never be a CRF450R, RMZ450, YZ450F Motocross bikes, or a KTM 450SMR, Husqvarna SM450R, Aprilia SXV 450 Supermotard bikes.