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  1. I have a 530 2008, noticed a little oil sweating around the oil check window. did not take the left cover off yet. anyone familiar with this problem?
  2. Took my 530 2008 waterpump apart yesterday.seal thickness on the waterpump is 5.5mm but mine was backwards so i flipped it with the spring towards the was wipping a little
  3. you might need a longer chain though
  4. it sits on the clutch cover ,5 o'clock has a copper washer on it
  5. This is a short movie from our recent trip in south desert Israel. this guy rides a XR600, in the backround is the engine music, enjoy
  6. I dought its the regulator- these are current protected. measure the ac coming out of the stator white and yellow wires
  7. you have to specify at what throttle position problem occurs (1/4 1/2 3/4 wot) then you may have an idea which circuit in the carb isn't working.
  8. had a similar setup only 41mm fcr-noticed no loss at low rpm but it will breath much better on the high rpm
  9. take plug cap off and measure from cap to ground about 11K ohms-make sure wire black/white there is no continuity to groung (Kill switch)
  10. I usualy use a socket to tap the seal in.maybe put some rtv on the outside so it will go smoother.make sure it goes square in.
  11. sounds its open circuit
  12. After a rebuild, I take the plug out crack the banjo bolt on the head kick it about 15 times until oil start to squirt out. you can leave the plug in and start it with the banjo cracked, after a few seconds oil should come out. this is messy but you at least sure that oil pump is circulating oil.
  13. the high voltage coil in the alternator is a weak spot-you should measure around 300 ohms,the wires come from the left side of motor and under the seat one of them is black/red if I'm not mistaken. the crank sensor is around 400 ohms but never had problems with it.
  14. anybody knows the torque values for head bolts on 530? thanks
  15. just bought a used 2008 530 8000km to replace my modified xr600 just have it for 3 weeks and 2 rides. pro's; very light starter very good chasis good suspension linear power fast very good for single track and open terrain con's; small battery 4AH if you have radiator fan it will discharge battery there are no aftermarket parts like pistons cylinders -piston will cost 400$ oem. at 8000 km, rings are gone water pump seals are leaking,and transmission is leaking oil from chain sprocket seal. cam decompression mechanism bad from factory-does'nt start on first try. since i like to tinker with my bike I'll keep this bike for now.