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    YZ250F valve clearance

    Yes, I did put kibblewhite springs in the bike. The work was performed by Forward Motion Racing about 2 years ago. I've only ridden the bike about 4 or 5 times since. I went with stainless to extend the valve life and save some money. At the time, the cost for a full set of Ti valves was btwn 4 and $500.00 (labor not included). Personally, I could do without the fifth valve. From what I've read, the 5th adds flow but hinders the combustion process. Get a little, give a little. But then there's the extra 80 to $100.00 for the valve itself. My guess is that the prices may be somewhat less now. At the time I had the work done, I was told that the market for valves was starved. This was posted by Eric Gorr on his old web site. Thanks for the heads up on the sprocket and chain. I put a new chain in the motor with the valve job. I'm supprised that the SS and Ti valves have the same clearance. I would have thought that they have different thermal expansion coefficients, but I haven't bothered to look them up. Do the Hondas come stock with Ti valves? Four stainless valves seems more economically sound for a stock bike. But then I'm just a workin' man.
  2. I've replaced the Ti valves with Kibblewhite Stainless units on my 2001 YZ250F. Does anyone know what the clearance values should be for the SS valves (both intake and exhaust)? Thanks for any help.