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  1. CandianBeaverHunter

    Northern Ontario Riders Where Are You??

    Hey guys, I'm from North Bruce Peninsula now living in T.O. Screamin demon on a CR250 and the GF rides a 98 XR200, I like to ride it too Show some pics..
  2. CandianBeaverHunter

    XR200... suspension upgrade, hot topic eh?

    Hey KLX365.. That is the coolest XR200 I've seen! Nice job man.. I'd like to do similar to mine. Cheers!
  3. CandianBeaverHunter

    XR200- I know nothing

    Good rule of thumb; any bike in good running order despite year is worth $1000 ... I'd say buy it, as mentioned you can always get your money back.. I'm really enjoying my XR200, and I ride a CR250 as well..
  4. CandianBeaverHunter

    Just sayin hi

    lol thanks for the welcomes.. I'm from Toronto Ontario actually, but grew up 3hrs north of the city, so lots of room to ride. I've wanted an XR200 for awhile now (the CR250 is too crazy for trail riding), I found this one down a country road in the middle of nowhere on someones lawn. I paid $2000 CDN for it and it probably doesn't have more than 20 hrs on it, so I think I got a pretty good deal.
  5. CandianBeaverHunter

    Just sayin hi

    Hey guys/gals, been lurking for awhile now on this site, lots of great information! Thought I would sign up and say hi. I just recently purchased a 98 XR200, looking forward to riding it. I also have a CR250 to which I spend most of my time on, currently I am rebuilding the engine. Great site!