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  1. I ride a 1984 XT600 for most errands and to work. i love it, it gets over 60 mpg(if you arent WFO) and can haul groceries gas cans or whatever can be strapped on. ive got a nice truck and several other bikes, but the XT is my chosen mode of transpo.
  2. motocrossross69

    2005 525 mxc how much fork oil ?

    the manual for my '05 525 exc states 110mm from the top as the standard setting. (springs out and forks collapsed)
  3. motocrossross69

    Help Buying The Right Enduro For Me

    +1 on the ktm. i love my 05 525 exc. the rfs engine is a little mainenance intensive though. (2 filters and 2 screens to deal with at every oil change)