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  1. bktobk3233

    Catalina Grand Prix

    Registration is open! http://www.thecatalinagrandprix.com/ Only open to A and B racers though. Oh well, maybe race next year, but my room is booked for this year. Should be a blast.
  2. bktobk3233

    metal + motocross

    Sounds pretty darn entertaining. I would imagine this event would be at least in the $100 a ticket range considering the bands playing. I wouldn't expect the concert portion to be televised, but maybe the racing part would to promote interest and all. I'd go. It's a 45 min. drive for me, got a buddy who lives nearby, and blackjack tables are right down the road.
  3. bktobk3233

    2011 Supercross add Oakland & Dodger Stadium!

    That's good to hear. I think my last visit was about three years ago and I remember cops cracking down on the festivities; mainly beer containers. We had gatorade bottles that may or may not have had vodka/cran and remained vigilant. I may need to pick up some Aneheim tix now. Thanks man.
  4. bktobk3233

    2011 Supercross add Oakland & Dodger Stadium!

    Does anyone know if Dodger Stadium would allow tailgating for this event? I know they banned it for baseball and most anything else. That's why we pass on Anaheim races, but gotta love San Diego.
  5. bktobk3233

    Ocotillo in the pouring rain.. is it worth it???

    I'll be out there Jan. 2nd-4th. I hope you guys are right about the ground conditions by then. I'm bringing my foul weather gear just in case.
  6. I would second the US Border Patrol suggestion. There are 4X4s, ATVs, Horses, Helicopters, etc. Although some of the ATV riders warn about the dangers of taking a hobby and making it a job; your mileage may vary. It's Federal Law Enforcement which can get you in most other Fed. agencies once off probation. Aside from the Law Enforcement retirement and benefits, let's talk pay. You would start a GL-7 (with your degree) instead of GL-5. Do not confuse that with the GS scale (the L is for Law Enforcement and is higher). 7 mos. in, you would make GL-9. A year later, GL-11 (An example is $59,000 BASE salary here in San Diego with the 23% locality pay). Add 25% to that base for Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime (AOU) to cover shift changes and case work (a 10 hr. day). Add another 3.9% that congress approved for 2009 to that base salary too. Add additional premium pay for working nights, sundays, and holidays. It works out to be slightly over $100k by year 3, then you get small increases as you "step" within GL-11, unless you go for Supervisor, then you can go as far as GL-14 or something like that. There's also an $800 uniform allowance, and you will go through uniforms out in the brush. You can even apply to northern stations now, so you may only spend 10 mos. on the southern border, then back up north you go. Or, you can join another agency easily once you've been a Patrol Agent. Maybe even make it back to your local PD with a lateral if you wanted, but I suspect you might love the off road action like we all do. Over $100k to play hide and seek on cool rides. Yea, it's just a job. Start here www.honorfirst.com or PM me if you want more info. Alex
  7. bktobk3233

    Breaking in new boots

    That's fine, but I get my boots soaked while riding anyway. What's one additional soaking going to do? My method breaks in the boot in a day with the additional soak. And more crap happens to them boots than just water...that's why I bought them. Old school myth for riding boots...maybe, due to the "other" materials in there. Old school method for combat boots (all leather) is very much true. I have the DD214 to prove it.
  8. bktobk3233

    2008 Polaris Ranger RZR

    It supposed to be better than the Rhino, just ask them. Go to that website and tell me they're not directly going for the Rhino sales. "The Razor has 25% more power than a Rhino", "The Razor has 15% more cargo capacity than the Rhino", "The Razor will make your teeth whiter, hair grow, and will provide natural male enhancement; see your doctor is enhancement lasts longer than 4 hours". Ok, so I got a little silly. I bet if you go to the Polaris Stealership and keep praising the Rhino they'll work on the Razor price. Just say "Yea, but you don't have a blue one and the other guy is selling his for $10K out the door". Play dumb when they try to sell you the reasons that the Razor is superior and stick to the "blue and $10K out the door" story. Then giggle all the way home with your new Razor that you spent $10K on.
  9. bktobk3233

    Breaking in new boots

    Leather is dried skin/hide. It is 70% water in it's natural state. I don't think I'm the only one who has soaked and dried a boot during the course of riding and was still able to use the boot again. The sole ends up being what gets goobered up on my boots and that's a synthetic material. Oh, and I still own my 18 yr. old combat boots from Basic Training with an excellent brush shine of course. The make good snake gaters on the property.
  10. I use the Versa Haul. It has that "anti-rocking" bracket that works pretty good and it has the capacity for my 500lbs. street bike. You shouldn't need as much capacity for your dirtbike. Check this place out; it should give you some more ideas. http://www.motorcyclecarrier.net/
  11. Here's a few tips that helped me make the transition (many years ago). I'm not saying these are the best techniques; they just work for me so keep the flames on safe:busted: : Stand as much as possible, and on your toes when possible (you might want to shift and brake at some point). Humans have a better sense of balance when on your toes than your buttocks (science, not opinion). When the going gets rough (bouncy terrain, ruts, etc.), lean forward and get your shoulders as close to the bars as comfortably possible and throttle to settle the bike down. I lean forward to allow the bars to move as much as needed so I don't have to slow down. Balance yourself where your arms are not fighting the bars and hold on with your knees pinching the tank. The bars should be loose in your hands/arms to allow them to move as needed (although woops on a quad is some serious bar movement isn't it)...no death grip or you will get arm pump in no time. Good body position is the best anti arm pump that I know of. Don't fight the bike. Tight corners require me to sit and suck up to the tank as far as I can. Elbows up, look beyond the turn to find your exit line (you should have found your entrance line about 20 yards ago), throttle as needed to keep the bike settled or more throttle to slide the back for a better angle. Look where you want to go. If you look at the rock, chances are you're going to hit it. If you look at the few inches of space between a couple of rocks, chances are your going to go there. Look ahead and don't sweat the mild to moderate level of movement the bike will do. Major movement or a front "wash" should get you attention; that's why throttle and body position are so important. Bikes love throttle to "square them up". When you get squirly, gas it. Modern bikes work best at speed; it's up to you to keep up with the bike (I don't mean do sound rude; it's just true). This is especially true in sand. It's a tougher ride to master, but you'll enjoy it much more when you do. Good luck and welcome! Oh, and the only thing that makes you a better rider is...riding more. This ended up a lot longer post that I thought. What did I miss guys?
  12. bktobk3233

    Breaking in new boots

    I use the old Military method for breaking in new boots. We would wear them (unlaced) into the shower, yes, the shower. Let hot water fill the boot as you are wearing them, then lace them up tight. Walk them dry.
  13. bktobk3233

    Whats your worst wreck?

    I got married in 2000.
  14. bktobk3233

    My life sucks. What would you do?

    I would stop saying "my life sucks" and be greatful I woke up breathing today.
  15. It has more to do with our sue happy society guys. Say the Fox network shows your plate on "cops" and some wacked out guy tracks you down and kicks your dog "fluffy" in your driveway. You may have grounds to sue Fox for providing that information to the general public. If the source (Fox, in this example) does not have your written approval (Cover Your Arse document), then they will obscure the plate, your face, etc. They just don't want to provide any fuel to the sue happy lawyers. The above mentioned poster is not affiliated with the Fox Network, the "Cops" program or it's affiliates. Fluffy is a ficticious character, and in no way is referencing an actual dog. No animals or sue happy lawyers were injured during the making of this post. Your mileage may vary.