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  1. Skidad

    Sherco 2010

    That sweet little 300F (actually it's a 290cc based off the 250 motor but that's a good thing) will set you back about US $10,500. You will need to pay for the bike in full up front (or your local friendly Sherco dealer will to RYP the importer in the US) and then the bike will be special ordered from Europe and you get to wait 3 months. Spare parts, don't ask. I think only 2 of the 250's have been brought in for 09. Just to expensive. It's a shame because the few test reviews I've found on the 250F are VERY positive with near perfect FI and nice smooth tourqey motor. I imagine the 300F version could be a terrific bike.
  2. This is probably the last MX works bike from KTM with linkage. World champion Shane Kings 360/380? bike from 1996 or 97. Beautiful IMO.
  3. Skidad

    WR400 hard starting

    Bike has not been started in a few years so will the carb need to come apart and be cleaned? Obviously drain bowl and use very fresh gas. TOTALLY stock bike and like new. Were there any needed jetting changes necessary to make them run better? Bike has always been hard to start. What is the best starting pocedure for firing it up? Thanks, Skidad
  4. Skidad

    WR400 hard starting

    I think the wr400 is a 2000 model it's not mine it's my brothers he told me it's very hard to start . bike is like new and stock. he would like to sell,but we need to get running.Is it a carb problem like jet ,needle ?
  5. I'm picking up one of these used and read that their jetting is all wrong. What's working for some of you and do I just get the JD kit and get it over with. Bike will be used in New England so no real high altitude although I may ride it up to the top of MT. Washington which is a whopping 6,000 ft. I will leave the stock pipe on it as it's a good one. What's with the airbox mods? Is it best to remove the top cover? Thanks Skidad PS....My first 4 stroke and dual sport bike!!