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  1. 2003 KLX 340 , Stroker link rear shock. 2014 KTM 4cs forks
  2. HW978

    KLX Hot Start

    I'm looking for a Terry Cable Hot start for my KLX , it mounted on the clutch perch and had a vacuum hose connected into the intake side of the head. If anyone has one they would part with, please let me know. Thanks
  3. HW978

    Santa came last night

    I think I may have married her sister.
  4. HW978

    question about supermotos

    DR350 Supermoto project
  5. HW978

    95 KLX 250 basket case

    Give Jerry Leighton a call at Four Stroke Works 760-948-0325 he is the Man when it comes to the KLX 250/300
  6. HW978

    2007 Beta 450rr

    Your bike looks good. Where did the black plastic come from? Is it from a supermoto model ?
  7. HW978

    2007 Beta 450rr

    Could you send a photo of your bike with the big tank and tall seat ?
  8. HW978

    2007 Beta 450rr

    I'm not sure about the offset, everything looked to be the same. I did have to put a spacer under the btm bearing because the distance between the races are shorter on the Beta. I rode the bike with the stock 45mm forks and they were harsh over the little hits and seamed to have a lot of friction in the seals , I'm sure the forks would of benefited from new fluid and seals. The 48mm open chamber WP's are much plusher over roots and rocks and I can use my spare KTM wheels when I need a different compound tire. The shock will need revalved next, very choppy in the rocks, needs more rebound, but I'm sure a service will freshen it up. if anyone can recommended someone who is knowledgeable with the OEM shock, please let me know. The gearing is 14/50 , seams a little tall in first for tight tecnical sections, I'm thinking about going to a 13/50. I weigh 205 in street clothes, the forks have .46 springs, not sure about the rear spring, they seam well balanced , static sag is 1 1/2" rider sag 4 1/4". Any recomedations ? I'm in the market for a tall seat, bigger fuel tank, a Scotts bolt-on tower for a Beta.
  9. HW978

    2007 Beta 450rr

    The WP triple clamp was a great swap. Everything bolted together perfectly. The GPR Tower post worked as well as the Scott's top clamp. The Beta front fender bolted back with all the OEM hardware.
  10. HW978

    2007 Beta 450rr

    I will look back at the older topics. I'm not sure the are better, but I'm more familiar with them and have a few extra sets of forks and frt wheels . thanks
  11. HW978

    2007 Beta 450rr

    i just bought a 2007 450 Beta, the KTM engine is the reason I bought it. But I know very little about the other aspects of this bike, any crossover parts list would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone tried putting a WP triple clamp on the Beta ? looks like a direct replacement.