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  1. Ducksgoquak

    TT store pnone number

    You tried 1866-674-6788? Seemed to work fine for me just a minute ago.
  2. Ducksgoquak

    whats best manual for overhaul

    Clymer manuals are pretty good usually too.
  3. I've definitely forgot to turn on the gas many times. Forgotten a flag when going to the dunes... Not a riding story but i went skiing a month ago and managed to forget my pants, jacket, helmet, and boots
  4. Ducksgoquak

    Sand dune advise!!

    I've always ran a 10 cup on mine /shrug. The more cups the more you're going to "hook up", but it's also going to take more power to turn the paddle. You'll have a lot less tire spin.
  5. Ducksgoquak

    Valve Shims

    Pretty sure i did it myself with the head off. It's been a while and i had help but i think that's correct. I'm sure someone else can tell you for sure though.
  6. Ducksgoquak

    The oil poll..........

    Another for amsoil
  7. Ducksgoquak

    Burning Oil

    So long story short i managed to bend my three intake valves and took my head into a shop for some work.The three valves were replaced and installed by the shop. I recently put the bike back together (2004 yz450f) and headed to saint anthony, idaho for a week. The bike runs great but I noticed that i was burning oil pretty badly so i figured that my piston's oil ring was bad. Feeling stupid for not replacing my piston when i just had my head off, I tore the bike back down to take a look at it and everything looks perfect. So I am wondering if there is something the shop i took my head to could have done wrong that is allowing oil through to be burned. The oil loss is pretty significant and definitely noticable... Thanks!
  8. Ducksgoquak

    YZ426F jetting @ 5000'

    Jetting is extremely easy to change. If you are going up in elevation just go buy the next couple jets below the one you currently have and bring them with you (might want to bring an extra spark plug too just incase). Ride your bike around a little bit with each jet in and figure out where it's running the best. That's usually my simple approuch for a 4stroke though. Although, most of the time going from 1500 ft where i live to the coast with different air conditions as well, i'm fine with the same jetting.
  9. Ducksgoquak

    Here's a little feel-good story for you:

    Should always insure your bikes. It's not that expensive and you won't lose too much if they are stolen that way. But really i hope those punks and especially the adult that was helping them gets a stiff penalty and some jailtime.
  10. Ducksgoquak

    losing weight

    you don't want to lose all of your muscle mass when trying to lose weight. If you are losing more than 2-3 pounds a week you probably need to take in a few more calories because you are losing some muscle mass then too. I think you want to eat about 200 less calories than what your body normally burns (keep into account cardio as well) to lose a good amount of fat and not too much muscle. Protien is always good too! Try to stay away from basic carbs (white rice, breads) if you are going to eat carbs stick with yams/sweet potatoes and other good ones:) I'm trying to cut right now also. Here is another good source of information: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/bbinfo.php?page=CuttingUpDiets Wade through all the fat loss pills on the site (i'm sure some people like them) but really if you eat healthy (quantity definitely matters too!) and get in a good amount of exersize the weight will come off!
  11. Ducksgoquak

    Hearing some proud pricing out there on a 06

    Come north to oregon... no sales tax. But i guess you will have to pay it when you try to register in so cal.
  12. Ducksgoquak

    mx vs. atv

    I definitely enjoy riding my dirtbike more... but i do occasionly jump on my friends banshee at the coast. Although this does look like fun... http://trinityracing.com/pages/projects3.html 248 hp banshee!
  13. Very nice! Thanks for the compilations!
  14. Ducksgoquak

    Do I need a louder pipe?

    Then they can't hear you coming which defeats the purpose of it entirely. Unless your only worried about your safety i guess?