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  1. SWAT117

    Dirt bike vs. Quad

    E-man811, sorry to hear about your brothers. I had a sister die in a boating accident so I know how tough it is on you and your family to go through something like that. Thanks to you and everyone else for taking the time to give me your opinions on this topic. I was leaning strongly toward the dirt bike in the first place but now I have no doubts. Dirt bike it is. Thanks
  2. SWAT117

    Dirt bike vs. Quad

    Thanks guys. I was thinking the same thing (two wheels better than four) but I wanted some input from the more experienced. I have always pushed harder than I should, before I should. I'll have to work on that but at least I'll be on the right machine. Thanks
  3. Help me out guys. In your opinion which type of bike is more safe, a sport quad or a dirt bike. I have rode both some but neither alot. I have always been willing to try anything (most anything) no matter how dangerous but I am now 36 with a wife and child to support. I guess two surgeries on a shoulder and one on a foot (seperate long term sports related injuries, not from riding) will make a man think about possibly having to change careers because of a major injury. I'm not going to "not ride" so I am just looking for some input from your guys. I'll either get a WR250 or a Z400 quad. I'm leaning toward the WR for two reasons, I have more experience on dirt bikes and my son will probably start riding in a couple of years and I have heard that quads are much more dangerous for that age qroup (that may be a load but thats what I've heard). Three reasons I guess, I usually ride pretty tight trails (North Carolina) and I think a dirt bike would be better for that type of riding. Thanks for your input.
  4. SWAT117

    Should I get the YZ400f

    Ball park of $2500.
  5. SWAT117

    Should I get the YZ400f

    SATCH0922 Wasn't ignoring your comments. We must have been typing at the same time and yours just went through before mine. Keep the info coming. I still have some thinking to do. The only thing about the 250f is finding one I can afford. Thanks again.
  6. SWAT117

    Should I get the YZ400f

    I appreciate everybodys feedback. You guys have helped me make up my mind. Of course I will give a good test ride before completely making up my mind but it sounds like this is probably going to be the bike for me. I can't afford to buy a new bike so I have to buy a good used one. One more question, how much for a flywheel and what is the pupose (I get the gear change). Again, I appreciate the responses and I am really enjoying this web site. Just found it yesterday while researching this bike. Thanks, Randy
  7. I would appreciate any feedback you guys can give me on this topic. I am considering purchasing a 1999 YZ400F that is in very good condition. I am a novice to imtermediate rider. I rode some when I was a kid and have rode friends bikes on occasion recently (mostly on a 2003 xr250r) and I do ok but that doesn't add up to alot of experience. 90% of my riding will be tight NC trailes with some open field riding. Just wanting to know if the YZ400f is going to be too much for me in the trails (36yoa, 5'10" 185lbs). I don't want to get something smaller and be bored with it in 6 months but I don't want to go too big and kill myself either. If I do get the 400f, how is the 1st gear torque at slow speed (we have a lot of hills in this area). What mods would I need to do to help with this (if any needed). Same question for suspension (would I need to change anything). Thanks for any input. Randy