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  1. The 450 comes in at 259 and the 250 at 230, that's 29 lbs of added weight. The 450 would have to be more top heavy.
  2. I would say its a great possibility.
  3. I beat mine up last year racing harescrambles and trail riding and it did good.
  4. Hmm, you are right about the vibes... OK, change to find enough padding not to smash the cam when I do my usually race get offs....
  5. No silly, the camera would be on the bike also. Charlie don't like things that tie him to the bike. My plan: remove the light, place the camera and other cables in the shell, place the cam on the side of the shell looking forward. This would keep about 1lb of weight off of my back
  6. Cool, looks good! I am thinking of putting my liight housing back on to put the video camera system there so I don't have to wear it...
  7. The WR250FT sucks so bad...hmmm, I happen to like mine very much and I place pretty good during H/S races...and I haven't done much of anything to it... But if you are doing MX get the YZF....
  8. cold, it takes 5-6 kicks. Warm I just push the button and it fires...
  9. $5400 in July for a 05 model...
  10. Good time was had, loved the trails... Now to scrape the 20lbs of mud off the bike... I snagged 2nd
  11. I have both 05 pipes, it isn't much of a differance. I'll weigh them some time.
  12. I didn't say it was a good one....
  13. That was an obvious joke...
  14. I still can't figure how you got that much for all the items