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  1. :thumbsup:Depends on your location. Plug your address into Google earth and it will tell you.
  2. 2-stroke really shouln't 'idle' ,have you checked the choke? What about needle position?
  3. 1986 CR250/125/500 1987 KX125 (Works Replica) 1988 KX250
  4. It's a 125, so you would most likely not be able to tell if 02 is better.
  5. Lower center of gravity will make it feel lighter.
  6. Pull the cylinder off and check the rod play. Your rebuild may include the bottom as well as the top. Cylinder may just need to be honed. Wiseco or Vertex will work fine.
  7. OEM air filters are the best.
  8. See my garage.
  9. The 650R is looking the way to go. Now if I can just find one.
  10. Nice! Food for thought. Thanks
  11. Looking to buy first street bike. Have narrowed it down to a Ninja 650R ($6500) or a Buell Ulysses ($10K). Want to use as a commuter. Thoughts?
  12. Tell you what. Make the trip down to NC and you can ride my KX. You'll forget all about Honda.
  13. Shite!. I have never seen anything like that. Is that metal stiff or flaky? Either way I'de strip the top end to see where that came from. Almost looks like Nikasil coating from the cylinder. Seriosly, check it out, you shouldn't have any metal 1/10tht that size clogging up the screen.
  14. Just be careful with the removing the screen. The scavenge pump shaft can come out easily and ruin your day if put back in wrong.